The new Star Wars movie- Who's gonna see it?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by kozmic_blues, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. I looked around the forum and was surprised that I couldn't find a thread on this already (unless I'm a shitty searcher, idk). Before y'all flame me: Yes. Wrong section, but the movie section is fucking dead so oh well.

    I think I'll have to see it just because I gotta know whether or not this is a decent or possibly really cool cartoon movie or the guillotine that finally finishes off Star Wars.

    I really do hope the best for it, because I am a fan, but idk...

    However, I was fuckin' stoked at the fact that Shaak Ti is like the main character! She's my favorite.:)Hopefully she's not a damn little girl the whole movie though...

    So yeah, who's gonna see it? Why or why not?
  2. I'll probably never see it in my life.
  3. hayle no.

    somebody should have shot george lucas ten years ago before the new trilogy was made.
  4. I was half-excited until I discovered it was going to be animated. What was Lucas thinking?!?!
  5. well, its unanimous:

    that movie is gunna SUCK.


    wasnt it made for lil kids, anyway?
  6. wtf

    thats the new one?

    fuck that! haha
  7. I doubt Ill ever see it, and if I do it will be becouse im crazy bored and its the only thing on tv.... and even then I might just decide to jump on gc instead.
  8. Fuck George Lucas!
  9. Why George Lucas!? Why?!
  10. no.I never liked anything star wars related and this looks dumb as shit
  11. Why would anyone want to watch this movie, other than to remind us of the apparent senility of George Lucas?
  12. Looks pretty awful to me.

    ps. best name ever kosmic blues
  13. I am a massive, massive Star Wars fan. I could sit hear and ramble on about the finer point of the series.... but... I wont.

    This movie just looks terrible. If they wanted to make a full length movie of the Clone Wars, they should have done the animation in the Cartoon Network series Clone Wars serial. That look works really well with the Star Wars Universe, this one does not.

    I will probably eventually catch it on DVD, but there is no way I am going to see it in theaters.
  14. i'm gonna see it fried on acid. i really don't mind the animation, the story line is pretty badass.
  15. Did George Lucas have nothing to do with this one? Because that's not the impression I got.
  16. ^^^^^
  17. Give me a new Star Trek any day over Star Wars.

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