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  1. Just got this brand new orange label beaker bottom roor. Pick this beauty up at a local head shop and even grabbed it for 190$. Anyways i forgot to ask what joint size it was can anyone tell from the picture, its 5 mm thick glass. Also im still thinking of a name any suggestions.

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  2. That joint looks like 18 mm but with nothing to reference the size against I can't be sure. It also looks more like 3.2 mm glass than 5 mm.

    Either way, nice RooЯ® pickup
  3. damnnnnnn if u think its 3.2 i cant imagine what 7mm is damnnnnn cause to me this feels hella thick
  4. Just look on the RooЯ® box.. it should have a thickness written on it. In my experience, 3.2mm glass will have a "MED" or "3.2" written on top of the box from RooЯ.us. I don't know why they would call 3.2 medium though.... maybe because of the German blue label models.

    Basically, don't just take my word for the the thickness estimation. It's hard enough to tell in person... let alone from pictures.
  5. i don't know much about roor but is the sig on the wrong side??

    was your shop a certified roor dealer?
  6. Looks like a fake to me. Alot of these popping up lately.
  7. Without better pics... I'm not gonna cry fake.
  8. Looks fake to me too.
  9. You're brave leaving it sitting on the edge of a table like that.
  10. That sig does not look right. Post more pics but i think it might be a fake
  11. I hate to rain on the parade, but yours looks extremely similar to this one, which most people agreed was a fake. :poke:
  12. 110% Fake.
  13. if you post us better quality pictures, we'll be able to judge for sure... But honestly, do you like how it hits? Because if you do, just say fuck it and be happy with a nice glass-on-glass bong and don't get too caught up in the name game. That being said, I'd be really mad if I spent that much cash on a fake RooR....
  14. i think you got it, i figured that price you paid was way too little too haha, as long as the bong rips fine its cool tho right

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