The New Madrid Fault

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  1. I'm not a major science buff. I didn't even like taking science classes much when I was in school. Nevertheless, given my location in Western Kentucky, most of us are well aware of the New Madrid fault line we're living on. Most of us also know what to expect should that fault line begin to shake, rattle and roll. Edward Casey, who is famous for his prophecies, and also hails from Western Kentucky/Hopkinsville, predicted long ago that the New Madrid fault will erupt some time around 2012. Now we have the Army Corp of Engineers blowing up our levees around here to relieve the flooding. Since we know that the BP drilling has done some damage at the tip of the fault line, what kind of an impact on the fault can we expect from setting off all these explosives directly along the fault line? I'll be honest, this really makes me nervous. I've seen the models of maps that show how the Navy expects our continent to look after such an earthquake. The half of Kentucky where I live will be wiped off the map. So will parts of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Scary stuff, to say the least.
  2. I'm not far from there. Just a wee bit up north. SE Iowa to be exact.
  3. What part of Kentucky you from bro? I'm from western, ky myself.
  4. I live in California. I rush in the shower because I don't want to be trapped naked when another hits us. I'm from Maryland so this earth moving stuff is new to me. I've felt a few over the years I've been here and almost shit. I live in a swamp about 2 miles from the beach. Liquifaction is going to suck me down. All I can hope for is that I get preserved in the mud and some future person will find my mummy. It's all in God's hands. Have as much fun as possible, every day until it happens.
  5. I'm from the Henderson/Webster/Union area. Very green 'round here. ;)
  6. not to worry, things will work out...

  7. I know, man! Check this out. This is the map the Navy projects they will follow after the big one here in the East. My part of Kentucky is nearly GONE! :eek:
    Check out Florida, too. More than 2/3 the state of Florida could disappear.
  8. Looks like I'm just far enough east here in south-central kentucky for us not to be submerged, but we have had some extensively bad flooding through here.. just 15 miles north on Ohio county they had to do an emergency dam release and evacuate the town.
  9. Yeah, I heard all about that. Schools have been closed here for a week because we have two towns in my county that are completely impassable. There are no roads in, and no roads out. Some of the farmers are allowing ATVs only to drive through their farms to pick up supplies. Everything else is being done by boat.
  10. I live on a particularly high point and the levee has kept one road out passable, but there are many just a few minutes away that can't leave their driveway due to low-lying farm land and horribly flooded irrigation. Floods wreak havoc around here.

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