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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by RMJL, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. This is from the latest High Times newsletter.

    High Times is turning 30! Check out all the changes on, including: our all-new History of High Times interactive timeline, What HT is All About, written by the magazine's founder Tom Forcade, and the Table of Contents from our February issue.

    The New High Times
    High Times' 30th anniversary signifies a rebirth, a relaunch, and a rededication to the founding principles of this legendary publication. Starting with the January 2004 issue, High Times has expanded its coverage of the impact of marijuana on our culture. We see pot as the ultimate metaphor for the freedoms we as Americans view as our birthright. The new High Times will defend and celebrate all of these freedoms. Recent coverage includes: Outlaw Politics, Steal This Election, Mark Webber, The Right to Sell Your Body, Larry Flynt, Busted for a Roach, and Horrible New Weapons.

    Introducing High Times' Grow America
    To celebrate our 30th birthday, High Times is launching a new magazine to continue our groundbreaking coverage of cannabis connoisseurship and horticulture: High Times' Grow America.

    We're also relaunching our definitve stoner Website at

    A popular section in High Times, Grow America will become a full-fledged bimonthly magazine (newsstands February 2004). Each issue will contain cutting-edge articles and mouthwatering pictorials. Special Canada and Know Your Rights sections will offer top intelligence on issues of importance to our northern neighbors and to domestic smokers who face legal hassles and drug tests. Grow America will continue to provide the legendary High Times brand coverage of music, movies, television, food, and paraphernalia for the discriminating stoner. High Times' Grow America will also feature articles and photographs by longtime High Times contributors Jorge Cervantes, Kyle Kushman, Chef Ra, Max Yields, Andre Grossmann, Brian Jahn, and MG Imaging.
  2. Listen, I'm all for rebirth, more respectability, and celebration of freedom, but I like the magazine because it's HIGH times, and I want my magazine back, I think I'm just gonna be buying 420 from now on

  3. You're right man. They should have just made another mag in addition to HT cause now it sucks really bad. Way to ruin a great thing, morons.
  4. The February issue sucks. There is nothing about weed on the cover. The articles suck and there's FLUFF in it.

    I went and got Cannabis Culture and Heads today. I doubt I'll ever buy High Times again. I had a subscription but I won't be renewing it.
  5. do you's get a mag there called red-eye?............Peace out..........Sid

  6. I did...I always had a soft spot for Hightimes. first mag I read cover to cover in between the junk. I love that chef..rasta chef? aw man whats his name??!! I havent picked up an issue since 2002 probably..has it changed lol? cause it was a lot of crap! i remember loads of crap..aaaaaw, whats his name??

  7. Norman Mailer's son took over as executive editor and decided to change everything. The February issue is mostly about women...very little about weed.

  8. Thanks, Krazi! Message sent! :)
  9. yeah i like high times, i'd like to start buying it again. sounds like the people who run it don't smoke.

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