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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Scarface, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. Hi everyone
    just wanted to introduce my self i dont really want to give out my name for some reasons (damn the police) but all my friends call my smoke so i guess thats what i can go by here , i am a avid weed smoker and am all for the legilisation of it in america and everywhere else , hell its one of my ideas that if everyone just sat back and smoked a joint every day we woulednt have a war in irak or where ever i dont think if the dude over in north korea got stoned and layed that he would be trying to start a nuclear war , i am sure meny of u guys agree that pot needs to be legal , i dont see why drinking is legal and i never seen someone that is high on pot act half as dumb as a drunk .well i am a little stoned and i am sure i just wrote a bunch of nonsence that only i can understand but thats just whats on my mind now . well peace out everyone i hope to be posting again soon.

  2. arhh,world peace .lt would be nice l think :D
  3. Welcome.. We all need to share that world pieace.. And the pipe it's smoked in!
  4. welcome to the city....
  5. welcome!
    get blazed/start trippin and come here for some great entertainment (any of the forums). or if your bored its a great place too, then again anything having to do with drugs interests me so...

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