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The new chick?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by raechan, May 12, 2011.

  1. As the title states, I'm posting this thread cause I don't really know what to do. Just moved to a new place and am wanting to make some smoker friends, so my main question is,

    How, when as a senior in high-school, does one find out who smokes or doesn't? I don't wanna just... come out with it and have everyone thinking I'm a junkie, you know?

    If this topic is in the wrong place, sorry. New to the site, too.

    I'm not a newbie to smoking, either. Used to toke up all the time back in Guam. And I miss it baaaaaaad!

    Please help, guys. :D
  2. I swear by this.. Just go up to a cool lookin black person and ask em is he has/knows were to get any green...
    If you're not all sketchy i guarantee it'll work..
    I'm not being racist by any means.. It's just that some people of the white ethnicity are more inclined to call the cops on you than say a black dude...
    That's just cause black people aren't douches like most white people lol..
    But if you're in fuckin high school just ask people around who look like they'd smoke.. it's high school.. who gives a fuck what they think lmao
  3. You'll just know. Nobody really hides the fact that they smoke bud nowadays.
  4. You'll know when you see someone that smokes
  5. Uhhhhhhhhh.............

    Back on topic, OP, if you're in high school still and you're really a broad then ask anyone who looks like they would smoke. Chances are, about half of your colleagues will smoke. Ask them if they can hook you up with an 1/8th of a price you're chill with. If you're upfront with them and seem like you know your way around the block, then they won't try to raise the bar and jip you, namean?
  6. Lol. Thing is, I don't look like the type to smoke. Even back home, people thought I'd snitch. Proved them wrong, but still. New place, new people.

    God, I miss getting blazed.
  7. Start talking to kids in your classes who look like they blaze, aka the stoners. That doesn't mean only the kids who look like potheads smoke, a lot of the kids who act preppy and shit smoke too but they're pussies. Tell new friends you just moved and wanna blaze... Shouldn't be too hard high school is easy to find connects. Probably the easiest fucking place there is to be honest.
  8. Stoners are not exactly the most difficult people to pick out of a high school crowd...Just sayin'.
  9. You know why i put that shit?
    Cause everytime I've been snitched on, it's been a fucking white kid.
    white kids nowadays are fucking pussies.
    Fuck it.
    just tell em you want some fucking reefer and you're not paying more than 5 a g for mids.
    Someone will hook u up
  10. Kids with sublime and or bob marley shirts are almost always stoners, some of them might be poseurs and know nothing about either of the mentioned artists, but it's almost guaranteed that they smoke.
  11. Eh, hope you guys are right. Maybe a trip to the bathroom to check if anyone's toking up? Different school system too, though. Don't really know how things go on around here.

  12. Lol, you've got a point, though.
  13. jus cause someone wears a capitalist piece of cotton with bob marleys picture on it doesn't mean they smoke the reefer dude... in myyy experience most people who wear a reggae shirt with marley on it are usually elitist-style douches... which shows they have no respect for their brothers, their reefer, or the man who's ideas they feel they need to promote with a shirt.. lol
  14. That's pretty retarded dude. To the contrary, there's more black people in prison than whites and generally white people are more accepted in society as civilized people. The gangs in compton aren't run by whites, they're run by a bunch of idiot, irrational, retarded black people who can't get over their stupid territorial bullshit.

    Every kid that's snitched on me has been black, so what about that? I don't snitch and I'm white, way to generalize.
  15. Even if you don't smoke, go to the place where the kids that smoke usually hang out at (to smoke). Most people in highschool that smoke cigarettes also smoke weed. At least where I lived anyways.
  16. #16 coalition17, May 12, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 12, 2011
    So every black person is in a gang?
    Dude black people are targetted because they're not scared to do what they have to do to survive.
    Why do you think they live in ghettos for generations? Because it's harder for any person coming from an impoverished, violent area to move out of that situation.
    I'm white and I've lived in a trailer my whole life, that doesn't automatically make me a redneck piece of trash, just like living in the hood doesn't make every person a thug...
    But the hood is still a dangerous place for a white person, i mean if you go to the hood to buy some drugs, and you're straight up, they'll get you what you want.. but if you're just walking through the hood for no reason, chances are you're gonna get chased off.. maybe even mugged.
    I admit gangs are fucking retarded :S Anyone who wants to kill any other human being is muffed in the head.
    I'm not generalizing anything.
    I didn't tell her to go into the hood either...
    How about this; Forget what color they are, just ask em for the green.
  17. Thanks for the posts. I've got some good ideas now. Hope I can get me some green soon!
  18. I'm haveing kinda the same problem getting connects tho, I got a few smokeing buddys I chill with on the weekend but they never give me any of there dealers numbers. I had 3 or so of my own connects and one moved, ones phones been turned off for a few days now, and the other is just super unreliable. But atleast your still in highschool. Lol I wish I was still in high school its 10x easyer. Talking about weed to a classmate is so much easy then walking up to random people on the streets.
  19. Walk out to parking lot during lunch.

    Look for people, ask them about pot.

    People in the parking lot at lunch are always smoking, what the fuck else would you need to go out there for??
  20. Just wondering op where did you move to?

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