The nature of the universe

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by aaronthegerman, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. When we die we wake up. We're a giant alien putting down the bong. . The universe is an endless staircase of realities. We exist in the mind of the alien. De facto that hedonistic extraterrestrial is God because what happens here is only limited by his imagination. Bullshit you say? You know books don't you? Or movies? videogames? Take fallout 3. You can go from birth to death of a character in 10 minutes.
    One character. In a universe created by one of us. 10 min here is a live one step lower.
    Sticking with the videogame metaphor we're characters in the alien's game. As free as our programming allows it. Have you seen a videogame character break the fourth wall that wasn't programmed to do so? Neither did I.
    When you stop playing the little bit of you that was the character reunites with you the same way we do when the alien exhales.
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  2. Someone have the cheat code for money I'm broke as fuck over here.
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  3. I think it's get a job
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  4. That's not a cheat that's time in exchange for money.
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  5. Oh well in that case everyone who struggle to make ends working multiple jobs is cheating huh?
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  6. Surely not. It's more like doing radiant quests. For 50 years
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  7. Fuck that I didn't ask for legit ways I'm fucking cheating. I can't talk about what my hussle is though its legal in some states and not in others.
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  8. Job = Just Over Broke. No wonder why we want cheat codes.

    Daily Affirmation: All the money i spend comes back to me multiplied.
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  9. I think one has the choice to be the alien(the main character)

    And at times choose to be a secondary character..

    The connection is that the over all story needs both types..
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  10. I think that metaphor sounds so plausible because it has some truth to it. The question is, how can we investigate the truthfulness of that metaphor and extend it to discover some of the deep mysteries of reality and existence?

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  11. Not at all. Unless we do.
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  12. If those mysterys shall be uncovered they will reveal themselves
  13. That's like when Jesus said "For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open."

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