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The Mystery Pods

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by BCgrower, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. Well, its been 14 days since I started a new batch of clones and seeds. I had quite a few questions as to what I had planted them in. They are called Jiffy Pellets. They come dehydrated and compressed and when put in water get as big as...well, you can tell by the pictures. Rooting has started on both the clones and the seeds. The seedlings look limp but that has alot to do with the misting they just got. Transplanting now begins anew. Damn I love growing!!! Will post weekly pics on both clones and seedlings. Here are the beginings.

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  2. their alive master, thier alive!!!!

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  3. Seedlings have nice strong, thick, base roots and smaller secondary roots which are harder to see still. Couple of more days maybe...

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  4. Clones are showing healthy roots. Time to transplant to soil. Let the growing begin...

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  5. Another angle

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  6. Intresting..... more effective than Take Root or Root Aide?
    Would they work for starting seeds? I'll do a web search for the name Jiffy Pellets. Sounds a lot easier than balancing sand, soil and fertilizer. I'm assuming you place pellet and all
    in a growth medium after healthy root proof. like I say intresting........ very intresting. Thanks for the pointer.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  7. the top threee pics were from seed. you take the pellet and put it in water. I usually use a B1/water mix. When the pellet expands you take a pencil a create a hole in the middle. Place the seed in the hole, put a bit of soil on top and put under light. These took 14 days from ungerminated seed to about 4 inch seedlings. Once the roots start showing through transplant the whole thing to soil. I will take a pic of a couple I have that are full grow where you can see the original pellet. The other pics were clones which I did the same thing with. The only difference is I use rooting compound instead if B1 mixed with the water. I spray the leaves every two days or so with B1 and or liquid seaweed. Clones took 14 days as well to root.
  8. I read about the Jiffy Pellets and it said they reconstitute with two cups of water, Whats the ratio of B1 to water that you useand do you use just aged tap water for mixing. I've always had good luck with sand, clay and sterilized steer manure ,mixed till it feels right using a dab of tap water thats been open and sitten for awhile, then when the seedlings looked just so I transplant them to the floor of my greenhouse (10 plants fit a bit tight when I get greedy, 7 is the best) where water is furnished by irrigation every two weeks. Since I have discovered this site and seen its connections to myrid number of seed strains and the cost per ten seeds I figure I should take a bit more care with my growing methods. Regular old seeds that you get from smokin bags produce adequate smoke but you never know what you got and the people who smoke your weed start braggin about some exotic brand they have smoked and the whoooweee high they got from that, well kinda makes me a bit curious (they never saved any seeds or there weren't any or some such thing) so I figure that one of these days if I could hand em a joint and they started braggin I could have a
    like well thats exactly what I just gave you (sounds fun when I'm smokin). Now if can get the gumption to trust the ordering and delivery process maybe I can get started.
    Thanks for letttin me bend your ear.

    Paul J Jamtgaard

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