The Mysterious Bagseed Adventure

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    It's a shame that so many of the prideful growers I've viewed, seem to hold such disdain for bagseed; like everything in nature, it holds the potential for something magical. When I planted my anonymous round pods in the dirt, I had no way of know what characteristics to look for in judging progression and no benchmarks to shoot for in deciding when they were ready. Impatience is a weakness we as humans all possess and the quiet companionship of another lifeform working through it's time on this Earth is humbling and, for me, quite insightful. I'm unable to communicate with them as fellow beings but feel that they have something to teach me nonetheless. Growing seems to be an artform not a diagram you can follow with straight lines and right angles; that's why, for now I can't justify spending money on seeds that I feel would be better saved for lighting upgrades. The money I save by growing myself will in time allow me to migrate to HID and possibly at some point I may consider splurging. Until then I will love these red headed step children like they were my own
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  2. Sounds good man I'm a bagseeder too. Like minded on the light upgrade idea before wasting money on seeds as well. Subbed.
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  3. I just can't justify spending $30+ on seeds that may or may not be duds and I can get 10000 bag seeds for free that grow just fine
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    If anyone has poked around through my other threads the title above needs no explanation; I's wiggly but not so much. Just as I doubt the full understanding by the medical community of many of the ailments they claim, I'm as leery of proclamations made by purists here who espouse the ability of a certain strain to produce a qualitatively similar product given the varied styles and conditions mandated by environmental and situational factors. I don't argue that they can offer a guideline of what one's expectations might be, but find little logic in assuming that a plant grown indoors can achieve either the maturity or complexity of one facing so many more variables. Even those grown from one site outdoors will have a different characteristic than those grown on the other side of a hill. I can control (theoretically) all the factors that go into a finished harvest indoors, but I can't recreate the nuances that would flavor a maintained or wild grow outside. I would go so far as to speculate that even two indoor afficianados would have trouble producing the same, even given the matching conditions; their schedules and care and ultimately curing would not have the same result. I see that as a good thing, in that it shows the skill and dedication of the individual in achieving the harvest they can be proud of and exposes the braggart who feels that the named strain alone will ensure the "chronic". As I mentioned in my first post, I am one of the staunchest defenders of bagseed and probably will never get around to rationalizing paying for the expectation of what I consider a marketing illusion. To those who take offense in justifying their choice to pay as much for several seeds as it has taken me to stay high for weeks, I apologize for my unrefined tastes but I will continue to chronicle my efforts to champion the orphans of the weed world.

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    No need for expensive special effects in this short from "The Groove Tube", a favorite of mine. Richard Belzer is great as Rodriguez.

    Sorry there is no rant today, taking a sabbatical from thinking.
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    I stopped thinking as long as I could stand it, but I guess it'll take an aneurism to shut me up. This is my new home away from home; hopefully free from my egotistical quest for views simply for the sake of vanity. I'm going to try to work with the macro setting I just figured out on my high def toy and some of the aging but free software I have to put together a running diary of my current grow as I use this soapbox to champion the virtues of the scrub club.
    Strange that I, a self confessed sociophobe would become caught up in a shouting match with myself to be noticed by those I will never meet. I guess I really chatter on in an effort to understand as well as explain.
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    I find if heartening that my daughter loves this song

    but when faced with neighbors acting this out in front of her she takes her baseball bat outside and threatens to bash freakin' skulls; I'm proud that she took a stand for someone in need but at the same time terrified of the thought of her placing herself in the middle of who knows what.
    Time seems to be flying by with the new crop and the 12/12 is thinning the herd quicker than I remember. Another turned up with the hangily dangily and he's getting the same rough treatment as Justin and Beiber; a savage snap beneath the sacks and the chance to sit on the sidelines like a good little cheerleader as long as they keep it tucked in. I'm open to names for this one but leaning towards Miss Understood, in the hope that he really wants to be a girl.

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    Forces are at work gently lifting those sleepy green faces while they swell and slowly dance to the music of the night. It's been my habit up to now to daily update with pictures so that I as well as others have a visible record of the amazingly swift progress of these emerald dynamos; more as a self congratulatory indulgence given my penchant to wax on at length. I will try to consolidate photos so that I offer a week's perspective all at once and this will hopefully minimize the tendency I have to spout off daily about whatever has caught my attention regardless of my knowledge or understanding of it. I've learned so much here and have so little to offer in the way of help in growing or political issues related to legalization and/or decriminalization that, for now I'm hoping to listen and learn how to become more effective at both rather than waste my time and yours preaching to the choir.
  9. I've got girlies in all three zones; tanning booth, solo cups and extended release formula. What's really puzzling is that the tanning booth has shown the better ratio of females to males as well as more females overall. My lights are set to on at 7 pm for 12/12 so that the heat of the day isn't added to the lights; made this switch midway through the first grow and it's helped keep pretty stable temps. I learned a lot on the first round and the most important for me was to leave them alone. It's my nature to want to fuss over them constantly and these are ahead of the curve compared to last effort thanks to that hands off policy. I've also got a better feel for how close to hover the lights and stretching is noticeably less now. I went longer than most would feel comfortable with last time budding and only decided to chop after weeks of foxtails and then the first unannounced seed. I plan on trying to arrange a perpetual so hopefully won't go that long before I have replacements in position.
  10. I prefer feminized seeds just cause I get so disappointed with males, but I have had some great grows from bag seed, some pretty potent strains that turned out better then the bud it came from!
  11. Never tried anything but bagseed; with my limited resources and knowledge that seems to be at the far end of my needs. It is a lesson in patience and acceptance to lose so many as the mystery unfolds; the result made the journey worthwhile.
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  12. The bag seed journey can be fun when you get some! I would use it more if I ever came across any lol.
  13. i agree qaulity can be helped through breeding and genetics but yet people seem to forget that all this is nature yes man can be selective and grab the best. on the other hand why do people who pay for seeds as nature does all that i said man can do so give it a try people why not one of the mysteries pods for all we know mother nature still has the holly grail we all seek
  14. Enough talk, show us some bag seed harvests!!!
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  15. Afraid with this thread you have to wait as patiently as I; only one month in and going for at least two more before the choppity chop. There is a thread titled bagseed harvest with some nice shots, just use search. :D
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    Bag seed does have its place. I had a good first harvest from some bag seed. I did find though that it sucked growing males, and having hermies.

    But femmed seeds and known strains are nice as well. Its enjoyable to be able to shop around for different types of smoke if your interested in building a more variable stash.

    If you don't have adequate lighting by all means upgrade that first. Good seeds though, even at $10 each are only a drop in the bucket compared to the reward of a large harvest of top shelf dank. Its a little cheap to be worried about $10 when your looking at a plant that will produce enough bud that you would have payed hundreds if you bought elsewhere. $50 worth if seeds yielded me 192g. At the going rate of $10/g that is $1920 I would have payed on the street. Well worth it to me.
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    I do weigh that potential against my treasure trove of collected seeds from everything I thought was special over the years; it's not like i'll ever run out of bagseed with my stash, but at some point I may justify the experiment to see if that produces anything more than I find I can accomlish from the unknown.
    Speaking of the unknown, here's tonight's look at the solo cup challenger in the lead (today marks one month from seed)

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  18. Sometimes the dark is all I see
    there's nothing else surrounding me
    A drowning man pulled out to sea
    of self inflicted misery
    But when close my eyes real tight
    and if I pray with all my might
    beyond my darkness there's a light
    that all those wrongs will turn out right
  19. This isn't the poetry section. Is there really any point to your rambling post other than to waste space and get attention?
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  20. I guess the point was trying to vent and feeling that my connection to weed giving me solace in an emotionally trying time would harm no one; I apologize that my thoughts have wasted your attention and space.
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