The "My Day" Thread

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pawlywog, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. I work nights so my day started at 130 pm Friday when my alarm went off. ( I have to be at work at 3 PM)

    I put in 4 easy hours at work
    Drank a 6 pack with a coworker
    Made reservations for Vic & Anthonys steak house at 9 pm for me and my fiance.

    Had the BEST filet mignon for dinner.

    Got home around 11 pm
    Smoked a phat J. Drank vodka with my girl till about 2 am and just now crashing out.
  2. So I'm halfway through my 80 hour straight weeks and were short staffed. No morning dishwasher, no prep chef. I spent 4 hours alone prepping our entire kitchen, plus my other 5.5 hours of service. I'm beat and can't wait to smoke a bowl ;)

  3. 80 hours a week?
  4. Sorry, I meant I work all my shifts consecutively (10 8 hour days in a row).

  5. Just woke up, going to finish my coffee, then grab a shower. Need to figure out what to eat then off to work :)
  6. Work fucking sucked and it snowed all day. The cool thing is all the snow has covered all my windows so I can hot box in the parking lot without worrying about being seen.
  7. Good day, cleaned up my new buick, Helped dad fix his Zero Turn mower, had a nice fire. Toasted some roaches.
  8. Today was a good day. Woke up pretty early and relaxed. Watched love and other drugs (pretty good movie). Had some pizza and a coffee monster drink did some studies and got 90 something precent in a quiz. Plan on getting 90 something precent in another quiz tomorrow. Guna sleep in like half an hour
  9. Woke up around 10am
    Hungover from the night before.

    Made breakfast for me and the wifey.

    Around noon we slipped into the pool for about an hour while k slipped some Modelo Especial and sparked a blunt.

    An hour later all sunburned we get out shower and took a nap till about 6pm.

    Then we hit up Ci-Cis pizza .
    And that pretty much sums it up

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  10. Back from the best city in the world, talking to a mexican girl and drinking some irn bru. how could this get better?
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  11. Smoke some bud
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  12. not today, getting some tomorrow. cant be arsed moving today.
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  13. watched a movie with my daughter this morning. made some money and bought some more weed today as well. we going to watch the fire works tonight as a family so I would say its been a great day for me.
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  14. Today was a good day for me and my friends too :rolleyes:
    We had a great party yesterday at my home and some of my friends decided to stay with me at night :) Fortunately, we didn't have a massive hangover today in the morning, it was rather small and easy, besides we dranks several cups of coffee made with this stuff, ate a good breakfast and then cleaned my house after the party :biggrin::biggrin:
    And after the cleaning we still had a free day ahead so we decided to have a walk and a good relax on the beach :rolleyes: The weather was perfect was that, as also for the swimming :)
    And I had my favourite ice-cream today so it was an extra small pleasure! :)


    And tomorrow's gonn be a full working day...:passing-joint:
  15. Went back home for 4th of July for 3 days. Every day was great because I saw all my old friends and had a lot of good laughs. Reminds me that I can still be my old self and not to take anything serious but your passions and not necessarily being careful but being full of care. Oh and I drank a shit ton hahahaha. Good times.

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  16. Woke up,went to get breakfast,helped my Dad with working on putting steps in at my grandparents,got home and my friend wanted to hang so he picked me up and we bought some grasssss and smoked a couple js and then I went to the gym

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  17. my day consisted of getting high & lying in bed cuddling with my boyfriend and cats
  18. Just woke up. In Iceland for work, I'm a lab technician for a stream ecology lab. Been here all summer. Have to pick bugs from water samples we took yesterday. Just smoked some bud out on the other side of a bush from my house (live with everyone I work with). Super stoked to listen to music today while I pick.

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