The "My Day" Thread

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pawlywog, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. had an awesome day? tell us about it!

    had a terrible day? tell us about it!

    so all you RLS lurkers, how was your day? :D
  2. my day was pretty good. i finally managed to hobble down to amsterdam to restock on buds after being dry for the past few days. i love walking around amsterdam but honestly doing it with a cast sucks.. i got so many weird looks and people staring.

    yeah i have a purple leg and limp when i walk.. get over it
  3. Had a pretty average day, I woke up at one and went to a park with my friend and we took his dog which was a bad idea. We went in to seven eleven to get snacks and left the dog in the car. Well the bitch stepped in my friends fruit punch and walked all over my car with it and got my iPod dripping wet and ruined my white work shirt. Now I'm at work waiting on the deliveries to start coming in.
  4. Today is kinda boring so far. Woke up, and went to wrk. I'm still there now. Last night I went to this kids house who I kinda know. He had 2 nice Bongs sitting on his back patio table. The 6 of us sat around and packed bowls for the bongs for a few hour. Went home ripped. Played some UFC 2010 (best game to play while high) and then just went to bed. So far a good weekend
  5. Nursed a hangover from a weird as night with a couple weird.
  6. Ight day, Was swimmin in the sun all day :cool:
  7. Had a good day. About to get better. My moms taking the kids for the night and me and the hubby are gonna go pick up :D

    Im so ready for tonight.
  8. I'm having a good day, I went mtn biking then worked out with my brother. I'm gonna party later too, smoke some kief outta my bong.
  9. Got a new PS3 (Old one was stolen) for only 125$ earlier today, havin a couple beers and joints with brothers/sister now :smoke:

    Good day so far
  10. Got really high. Visted my moms, she's doin pretty good. She told me I get $175,000 when she dies. Which is kinda disheartening, but I could buy a house and car with that money easily, plus save some of it for my possible future kid's college fund.

    Chillin smokin a white owl, right now :smoke:
  11. hooooolyyyy faawwwk. I've been high for 23+ hours straight as of now. Wow I am going to get so fat. Last night especially was fucking trippy, I had CEVs. I went into this fuzzy colourful orgasm-land for like an hour.
  12. had a good day, laying on the lake, swimming, etc. till i just fell wakeboarding and now i have a SPLITTING headache. :mad:
  13. Got my car almost all the way prepped for a body repair I'll do tomorrow. After that one more repair and I can sand and prime the whole car! :hello:
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    Slept a lot, smoked, ate a lot.

    Just took a relaxing *unmentionable* and just gonna chill for night...

    Smoke a Black and Mild or something:p
  15. my day started out kinda bad...i woke up with my friend, and 2 dogs sleeping on me, and my laptop soaked in some drink, with a massive hangover :(
    but now i've jus been at home all day getting stoned listening to music/watching telly :smoke: its been a good sunday.
  16. i had a really disturbing dream about my ex last night. every time i have a dream about her i vividly remember it and it completely fucks my day up so thats how my day has been. fucked..

    time to smoke some bowls and forget her :D
  17. well, I got about 33 half cans of assorted valspars, rustos, and montanas, as well as, a king cobra 40 oz, some spliffs, and my boombox. Paint, brew, weed, and music, you do the math. Bout to go piece! :cool: flat black fill, flat white outline, dark purple highlights, orange forcefield, and yellow/green details. S'gone be dope :smoke:
  18. Yesterday I got super fucking high and watched this nature show that was mostly people it pissed me off. There was like 5 minutes of random flashes of animals. That had me tripping.

    Then I just watched some angry beavers and futurama while I drew a pic of a dude getting ready to fight a zombie.

    Couldn't believe how high I was though I had stopped for like a week because of school and my tolerance was low. 2 and a half bowls and me and my sis were gone!
  19. Had a great time last night

    My work hosted a astronomy exposition which I worked a 9 hour shift for. I knew I was going to be working a booth so I decided to enjoy a cookie I brought for my coworkers the day before. The event went really well and I was super domed the entire time haha.

    There was a company dinner that night so after cleaning up, everyone enjoyed some cocktails. At first it was awkward because Im only 18,everyone else is like 23+, and I just started a week ago.

    Im tight with a few of my coworkers so we hung out and they were super down to give me some glasses of wine. I felt dumb assuming It would be weird but it was totally the opposite.

    Later we went to dinner and some of my homies saved me a spot, which was awesome and immediately got started on shots. After more wine and other drinks I was pretty drunk and wow I cant tell you how dank the food was. Hah by that time everyone else was loosened up or hammered so everyone was having a good time.

    Dessert rolls up and ahhh my taste buds were orgasming(due to the krunkness Id say ahah)

    Later on I got a ride home and slept great. Woke up today feelin good and had a good night to think about.

    Im pretty glad I got to connect more with my coworkers. :wave:
  20. My last few days have been petty stressfull. I've been desperately trying to re-up for the past 2-3 days now. I was looking for a Half O of some nice mids for around $50 bucks. I'm finnaly getting it 2morow. But gotta wait for so long. :p

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