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The most reliable and safe seed banks to order seeds into the U.S.?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Blunt Dr, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. I've been growing for over 2 years now and all I've had are some high-grade seeds I have saved up. The problem is I dont know for sure what I am growing seeing how names get tossed around. Can anyone help me and everyone else trying to get seeds into the U.S from a reliable and discrete seedbank?:smoking:
  2. I see a lot of good things about Attitude Seed Bank.
  3. TheAttitudeSeedBank.com, fast, discreet, huge selection, freebies, use discount code 420 at checkout to get 10% off. They even offer tracking for your package. Awesome service, took 6 days from the time it shipped from them to when I got them!
  4. I've heard consistently good things about Dr. Chronic and Attitude, and to a lesser degree Seed Boutique. (I went with Attitude.)
  5. Awsome thank for the speedy replies. and whats this 420 cuopon code?
  6. at checkout it says discount code enter 420 hit Go or whatever and it'll apply a 10% off coupon to your order.
  7. dR cHRONIC!
  8. Yeah no other way than attitude seed
  9. Death to all necro'd threads...especially ones necro'd by spammers!!!!!!!
  10. I have noticed that everytime I order with my debit card through attitude like 2-3 weeks later I ALWAYS get fraudulent changes on my card where I have to deactivate my card and get a new one with new numbers...... I have always received order with no problem but I Always get fraudulent charges after I ordered. I even tried this with my GF card and she never guys anything online and 2-3 weeks later she gets fraudulent charges out of the EU. Anybody else getting this problem. I never have a problem when I use my credit card though

  11. Nice first troll, errrrr I mean post.......

    If this was the case these boards would be blowing up with reports.
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    I think if I was a troll my story would be a little exiting than that and I never did down attitude seed company. I just stated that everytime I used my debit card what happens and was trying to see if it happened to anyone else.... As for my first yes this is my first post under this screen name... My old email was hacked I rarely do post anything but I do like seeing pictures that you can only see if u log on....

    I really don't give a shit if u think I'm a troll .... Your mama a whore troll!!! Lol!!

    Name-Calling/Disrespect is not allowed here. - KSR
  13. i've ordered from single seed company three times ,no problems other than the free seeds never germinate.i guess is thats why thier free.other than that 34 of 35 germination in soil of the total i've bought.
  14. Attitude is the only one I deal with now. I know there are some other banks just as good but if this one is working why fix it?
  15. Does it show up as Attitude Seed bank on you bank statement of is it something else? I would rather not see that on my bank statement
  16. single seed company @worldwidemarijuanaseeds also marinuana-seeds.nl did some bad ass personalization stuff for me lately so they are getting mad props from me too!
  17. I use single seed centre 4 times now no problems and 100% they ok in my book

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