The most important part of a woman?

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  1. ....its not her body....its not her mind...its not her heart...its her eyebrows o_O

    marilyn monroe
    angelina jolie
    katt von d

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  2. I see an ugly woman, a chunk of plastic, and Marylin Manson...
  3. Marilyn...I've seen pics prior to her being glammed up. Wasn't ugly but not really all that outstanding. Lauren Bacall though, more my thing.

    Angelina...just keeps shrinking away...once in the 90's I found her attractive, now she just looks weird.

    Kat Von Dee is a bit too mannish for my liking anyway. Big 'ol square jaw and a fellas voice.

    Though yeah, interesting how alien they can look without eyebrows.
  4. her stash jar.. wtf do eyebrows gotta do with shit? stay off the opiates op :)
  5. Haha weird thread up in here. Anyway, Marilyn was always better looking than Angie and i believe the third is a picture of the guy from the RONA commercial.
  6. I wish I didn't open this thread

    Scary scary shit man
  7. I agree.

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