the most ghetto grow ever

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dirtystall, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. hello people, found this outside this afternoon, i might be trippin but i think this thing looks like weed a lil, its not, but im just going to play with it.





  2. uhh very nice nettle. but i believe its a tad irrelevant for a site soley to do with marijuana cultivation and usage. especially as you KNOW its not weed. just my 2 cents...
    Just Blaze It.....
  3. seeds in the mail.... cant waitt
  4. uh...bad joke
  5. lol allow it bruv, its obvious this guys a bit high, let us know how ure growin goes mate.

  6. Now dirty when you say you are just going to play with it you mean ummm...?? Now I know why you call yourself dirty:)
    Hey man, once that thing gets big enough and providing it is not a woody type plant or tree, why not practice some cloning with it?
  7. there are thousands of those damn plants all over my yard and in the field behind my yard. I also saw some simlar shaped ones that were very red/purple colored and had buds growing on them in the same way MJ buds. pretty cool looking. no clue what they are, but still. I stopped and admired them for a little bit. hah. something I never noticed or paid any attention to until I got interested in growing pot.

    I'm going to plant some morning glories too just for fun. colorful flowers and colorful trips when eaten. hehe.
  8. alrighty then....

    I hope you don't confuse new growers and make them think those are weed plants :smoking:

  9. =You can trip off morning glories? How, i must know, mom always grows them
  10. Yes, morning glories and hawaiian baby woodrose seeds contain small amounts of LSA, which is a chemical similar to LSD (acid). HB Woodrose seeds contain more LSA, so you eat a lot less of those, but morning glories work just as well... you just have to eat a whole bunch of them. Read up about it on the site listed above. Erowid is one of the best drug information sites around, if not the best. I'm trying the HB Woodrose seeds tomorrow morning with my friends actually. I should be having a fun day tomorrow! :hello::eek:
  11. enjoi[​IMG]

    i fim'ed it, repotted it, ferted it,

    im just doing this for fun seeing as im iether at work or sitting home getting stoned:smoke:



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