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Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by SkunkWoodz, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. So after a nice blunt last night with some friends we went to eat, and on the way there we all of course notice the crazy bright full moon.  And I had the idea that, what if the moon filled up a much larger percentage of the sky?  would we not be able to look at it? or would it be dimmer?

  2. It would be awesome

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  3. So would you want the moon to be BIGGER or CLOSER to earth?

    Either way, I'm pretty sure either of those changes to the moon would fuck our shit up. The moon affects the earth in many ways.

    I always forget to smoke because I get high and distracted.
  4. I'm not really sure about that one, but we did have a lot of fun discussing the effects.  I was talking about how I'd walk around with eggs balanced on my fingertips during a full moon.
  5. what if the moon was a disco ball.
  6. it was a hunters moon or blood moon. in the forgotten days of yore, when we used to still kill people and eat their meaty parts, sacrifices and festivals would mark the passage of this type of moon. i wonder how many joints, bowls and bong tokes were blazed in honor of this moon?
    moon, you are awesome and i fucking love you for it!   :metal:
  7. Yup the closer the moon gets to us, the more of a wobble the earth gets.

    If it got to close it would cause the tides to rise and tsunamis. Basically no good would come out of it lol
  8. It was just cause a bunch of natural disasters, have you seen oblivion? Hellooooo lol.
  9. Everyone here is assuming that it would be moved closer, causing issues.. but to imagine it properly, you have to imagine that it was always closer and formed a balance with Earth.
    I don't think it'd be that much brighter really.. I mean it would be some, but in the same way that a flashlight would be brighter the closer you get to it. It doesn't change the amount of sunlight being reflected by the moon, which is about 15%. So you'd still be able to look at it, but with it being closer, more of that 15% would make it to Earth and probably block out more stars than it already does.. might even make the night sky appear to be a lil blue.

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