The monkey that dips his dick in whisky

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  1. A few centuries back during the land rush, in one of the frontier communities a tired guy walks into the saloon and orders a whisky...he is just about to take a sip when a monkey runs up and dips his dick in the glass and runs off...the guy in rather surprised and after a few moments, tells the barman to give him a different glass...still dazed, he makes a move for his drink when the monkey appears out of nowhere and sticks his dick in the whisky and bolts off...infuriated, the guy grabs the barman demanding to know what is going on...the barman says "ask sam over there" pointing to the pianist..."hes been here quite a while, maybe he can answer" our guy trots up to sam and says "do you know the monkey that dips his dick in whisky?" and sam goes: "no but if you hum the tune a bit, im sure i can pick up on it"
  2. sorry dude but i dont find that funny
  3. Uhm...I don't get it?
  4. haha that's pretty funny
  5. hhahahaha dude im baked im dying that was a classic, you guys are so missing out lol its a mindfuck
  6. How do you guys not get it? It's a newer version of a joke that's been endlessly revamped...
    Something funny goes on
    musician gets asked about it
    musician responds as though they're asking him about the title of a song rather than a situation.

    ...Not a bad version...
  7. Sorry, still doesnt cut it...
  8. nice breakdown...:smoke:

  9. ohhhhhhhh i get it now...

    not really funny tho. :confused_2:
  10. dude how fuckin stoned were you?
  11. Oooh, I get it. It's still not funny, but at least I get the joke :smoke:
  12. I chuckled at the end.
  13. CLASSIC.. love this version. gotta try to remember that. lol.
  14. A punchline involving whisky dick would have been much more funnier
  15. Haha, I found that pretty funny.

  16. hahaha thats what I was waiting for the entire time as well :p
  17. just script an alternate ending and you should be fine.....:smoke:
  18. it would have been more funny played out in a movie or play but as a joke it's pretty plain

    have you tried telling people this joke? did they laugh? maybe you can make it funny i dunno
  19. hah, its the same in real life...some laugh some dont.....:smoke:

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