The Mirror

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  1. The Mirror.

    <O:p> </O:p>

    <O:p> </O:p>​

    As my eyes slowly creep open, I can hear the small ring of my ipod headphones playing .

    “Damn...that was a good fuckin dream.”, I say to myself in an almost undetectable voice.

    My eyes still blurry I stare blankly at the mirror on the wall at the foot of my bed.

    “Fucking dreams…man…what time is it?” , I ask as if a person were sitting right next to me.

    I get out of bed and walk over to my dresser. The dresser is draped with blue jeans that are filled with an array of an array of objects. I pick up the pants and empty out the pockets onto my dresser beside the lamp that is never used. On the dresser now lies a nickelbag, a lighter, a medium sized glass chillum, and a small black notebook.

    “Damn it, I thought I had more pot than this...”

    “You smoke too much pip.”, a voice says,quoting a line from The Lord of the Rings.

    Immediately I look up.

    "Nope, this is about as real as it fuckin gets my friend."

    "Bullshit this is as real as it gets...", I think to myself.

    My reflection takes a lean against the stool beside the dresser. Then he lights a cigarillo with his right hand and blocking the wind with his left…even though there isn't even a slight air conditioner breeze in my dry dark room.

    “Since when do you smoke cigarettes?”

    The person in the mirror takes a long hit off his cigarillo and replies.

    “ I just picked it up recently, I like white owls, and I've always had a thing for cigars...but really, it just helps me not smoke pot. I only smoke them when I'm cravin a buzz of some kind ya'know?”

    I gave him a look of wanton disappointment, but didn't linger too long on the subject before opening the bag of green and red flowers and stuffing them into my pipe.
    <O:p> </O:p>

    “Every morning is a good when smoke as soon as you get up.”

    "I actually prefer weed at 4:20am and a cigarillo as soon as I wake up."

    I gave my mirror self another awkward look and decided that I am just hallucinating and to ignore his nonsense. I strike the bic lighter and put the flame to the bowl.

    “You need a torch lighter.”

    “I know...So...hows it been Jules...?"

    “What did you call me?”


    “Yeah...I like that. I've been lookin for a name other than yours...because you and I are actually quite different you know.”

    "Really now?", I ask sarcastically.

    Taking a long another long drag off his cigarillo Jules says,“It's been so long since we have talked.”

    "I know...way too long...", I reply.

    I take another hit off my chillum and lay it down on my dresser and then sit lean on my own stool.

    "You know...I've only seen you when I was on acid...or blazed out of my know why that is?"

    There is a scratching noise at the door. The cat is trying to get into my room.


    Suddenly I am awakened by a very loud noise. My body sits straight up almost invlountarily to see what the fuck happened. I look around my room in a half daze to find nothing but my small siamese cat, Meia.

    "Get the fuck out of my room you god damn cat!"

    Meia immediately darts out the door while I give myself a second to recooperate from this weird dream.

    "Man...what the fuck was that noise?"

    "Meia's pretty fuckin' dumb man."

    The second voice sends my heart racing and adrenaline pumping through my veins.


    ...No answer...


    ...Still no answer...


    Keep checking in for more.
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