The Million Dollar Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by paperthinwalls, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Well, let's just say I'm bored here and wanted to post an interesting thread.
    Here goes.

    Oftentimes I hear people say "What would you do if you won 1,000,000?" Usually it's a friend or a co-worker who plays scratch tickets. Typically people say "Quit my job!" "Buy a nice new car" or "Get a big house".

    So, Grasscity forum user, what would you do with One Million Dollars? I have many ideas, but I'd like to hear some of yours first...

  2. Well lets say we got 1 mill tax free...I would put $900,000 in savings to gain interest, maybe invest some of it. Then the other $100,000 would be used to pay bills, pay any debt my girlfriend and I have (currently we have none, haha), and then put some more upgrades on my Jeep Wrangler, like a hemi swap.

    Okay I'd also buy another german roor for my collection, and I'd def wanna make it rain a few I'll need at least 20g's for that. :bongin:
  3. I'd give it to all the children in Uganda.
  4. donate to this orphanage in Kenya I visit for children with HIV buy myself a nice little pad in cash, of course spend a little on some dank, and the rest would be for my future bills
  5. build a log cabin in Montana, publish my book, and set myself up with a nice grow room

    and one month long trip across northern Europe

    the rest goes a handful of local nature preserves
  6. I'd do any homosexual act for a million dollars.
  7. buy a bunch of weed, and store the bulk of it in jars for 'later use.'
  8. The thread is about what would you do WITH a million, not for.

    But, I totally would too.
  9. Put about $175,000 away for college. Buy a house for about $225,000 with cash so I have no mortgage. Split a donation of $150,000 to charity between cancer research, orphanges, and children in africa. By then I'd still have about $450,000 left so it'd go into the bank. I'd probably find an easier job and just enjoy life
  10. I'd buy one of those new fiat 500s, a small house, about 100,000 dollars worth of assorted drugs, and then donate the rest.
  11. Get a house in a nikce quite neighboorhood with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
    Try and invest in some things.
    Open up a business. Maybe a resturant with a great stoner menu. *like a bowl of cereal* hahaha
    Buy a lot of cannabis indica and sativa for personal use
    Make some sneak a tokes and sell them.
    Conduct cannabis study/awerness/activists groups everywhere.
  12. Move to Colorado and chill.
  13. I'd buy a million dollars worth of lottery tickets.
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    I'd just buy project cars build them up and slang them off or just go mad on a 1/2 a million dollar time attack car and bank the rest

    or maybe i'd put half of it in a bank account for my son and he can have it when i die or some shit.
  15. Hmm... I'm surprised about the charity. Then again, maybe I'm just a pessimist.
  16. just some swiftly employed sarcasm :D
  17. invest half.(into franchises)
    buy a dope car. pay off a few years insurance for the car.
    get a small house in a nice neighborhood.
    then buy a few pounds of bud, some liquor, and some top shelf hookers.
  18. Invest invest invest
  19. Yep I'd buy a car, weed, and random other expensive things till I only got about $50,000 then try to invest that
  20. 10 grand in jarred in weed vacuum sealed
    A 200 grand house
    A nice gun sade for said weed
    100 grand to charity
    500 grand in the bank
    That leaves 180 left for furnishings of the house and an online spending spree

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