The Military and Weed

Discussion in 'General' started by babygotbong, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. So I am joining the military soon and wondered if anyone knew if when they do their drug test if they do a hair test or a urine test.
    If they do a hair test I'll have to stop smoking now to clear my system out in time.
    If they do a urine test i can stop smoking 30 days in advance in order to pass.

    Any knowledge on this would be of use.
  2. Wish I could answer, but I don't know. What branch you signing up for?
  3. Well they used to do a urine test back in the day. I went to Indy and did an ASVAB, the physical and a piss test with a hundred other guys in 88.

    You may as well quit now though. The military and weed are incompatible.
  4. Especially so if it's a career choice.
  5. Navy most likely.

    And you are right... i probably should quit now and get used to it.
    No weed for four years.

    well at least when i get out and get high again it will feel even more amazing haha.
  6. my bro is in the army and all his buddies smoke when they go home and its pretty sketch cuz they usualy get tested right when they get back

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