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  1. I have not been very vocal about my military aspirations(on here or in my personal life). This evening I met with a Officer Selection Officer. The interview went well. I however am worried. I had to admit to using adderall one time, because I got so dehydrated I had to go the hospital. Now I am concerned this might make me ineligible. The OSO told me not to write that on the paper and that they would look into it for me. If all goes well I might be going to Platoon Leaders Course over the summer. In the meantime I need to get my grades up and hit the physical training hard.

    Anyone else gone military?
  2. No. It would be a good choice if I wouldn't have to cut my hair, quit smoking, move to wherever the fuck the post me, and be forced to serve them for 4 or 5 years; plus the fact that I will have no problem paying for university.
  3. Future sailor of the United States Navy right here.
  4. pretty sweet man. i might see you on your ship one day. we will be supporting each other.
  5. no big deal man. i respect your choice, i am gonna have to lose all my sexy locks :(.

    what's your major? maybe one day you will come up with some badass research or something that benefits people
  6. 3 years of canadian military service, infantry for 1&1/2 and infantry transport for 1&1/2
  7. i have always thought the Candian Military was badass. you guys have to train in harsher climates, plus there isn't a lot of you, so i imagine it's pretty selective.

  8. Going to be going into engineering, probably petroleum or mining so I'm likely to benefit only the oil companies :D. Did you say that you were joining as an officer? You've got pretty good career prospects if you do.

  9. yes i am currently going towards the officer program. i have to get in peak physical shape by may. gotta hit it hard. my OSO said most of the people that she talks to already have the physical side, so i am at a slight disadvantage.
  10. Just train hard, stick with it, and you'll get in great shape sooner then you think.
  11. By May? If you get on a legit workout program and diet you'll be fine. I've decided if college didn't work out I'd go in if I could wrestle on their team (referring to any military division).
  12. yeah dude, i gotta start a grueling workout pace, i am starting from rock bottom. i can only do like 20 crunches, 3 or 4 pullups and like 10 pushups. i better use a montage to help me along.
  13. Ahh, montages, such a great thing.

    Got access to a gym, or much workout equipment (bench, olympic bar, squat rack, etc.)?
  14. Don't worry about the drug use. I admitted to smoking weed before i joined the navy. They just made me sign a waver wasn't much of a issue
  15. Army is not for me , i love myself too much to go in harms way for some oriental child who doesn't even appreciate your presence
  16. yeah there is a free gym for students at my campus.

    my workout out plan is probably running 3 days a week at first. doing a thing called the armstrong workout for pullups which is 5 days a week, this crunch routine 5days a week. i will probably be hitting up the gym 3-5 times a week and will be doing other calisthenics as well.
  17. good thing im not joining the army.;) just being a dick i know what you mean.
  18. Not bad, I'd recommend a good weight training regiment if you have the time for it (one similar to a powerlifting-training cycle, or sport specific for an extremely hard sport like wrestling, or boxing).
  19. i probably can do one. any suggestions?
  20. I can't remember it all off the top of my head (written down in my gym bag), but its my workout that I used for wrestling and powerlifting.

    Day 1:
    Bench press 200lbs x 5, 190 x 8, 180 x 10
    Incline bench press
    tricep push downs
    lat pulls
    > Can't remember the name, but sit with legs straight, pull handle > to your chest. Keep your back solid, at the YMCA I work out in its > connected to the push downs and lat pulls.
    Power clean

    Day 2:
    Front squat
    High pulls (not sure if on the right day)
    Leg press
    Leg curl
    Leg extension

    Day 3:
    Deadlift (I use sumo style)
    Shrugs (may be wrong day)
    Back extensions

    Here are some other lifts I just forget which days they all are, brain gets confused its finals week:
    Curl, hammer curl, and shit I know I'm forgetting like half my deadlift routine.

    Every workout day:

    Weighted dips, ab work.

    For ab work I started with 500 reps (different ab workouts, but 500 reps total), made it 1000 by the end of the year.

    Neck curls: me and my brother have a head harness, put weights on it, and nod head, could be dangerous if you start with too much or do it wrong, probably unnecessary for you though.

    Cardio: 10-20 minutes jog to warm up, after my workout was over more intense running, HITT as well.

    Plyometrics: Both upper and lower body, I'd recommend googling them if you're interested in becoming more explosive, may not help with your test but it would probably help you in regular military duties and sports.

    After all of this is done me and my brother would usually wrestle, grapple (to submission), or spar (mma style) with each other to build more muscle memory and burn calories. Again, this probably isn't necessary, although it would probably help in the military.

    Rest days were almost completely workout free, maybe some football or relaxed/drilling wrestling, but nothing too intense.

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