the Mile High City

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  1. So to save myself alot of typing and ranting, I'll let this guy do it for me...

    I remembered a Discovery documentary from a few years earlier about plans for a mile high city while lying in bed one night having pillow talk with my lady, and I had to look it up and see if there was any progress and could find NOTHING..... except that guy

    funny part is, I remembered about this doc the same day that Dubai opened their mile high city, which is by no means the same thing

    I've contacted Discovery channel about this and all I could get from them is that there is no current plan to release this program to DVD... I asked for alot more to be answered than that, but whatever.

    PLEASE tell me you know what this guy and I are ranting about!!
  2. bump, I know I'm not the only person here who saw this!
  3. Your link is broken.
  4. [ame=]The Extopia/Google/Online Marketing Scam - YouTube[/ame]

    bump, maybe it'll work now
  5. Not quite, Kersplash.

    ...if Denver was contained in a single building with blocks and neighborhoods layered in stories within an unimaginably high skyscraper, then that'd be what I'm talking about

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