The Mid day sun vs cannabis

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  1. My buddy doesn't have access to the interwebz, so I'm going to ask this for him. 
    So he has a spot picked out in some woods.  He has found a field w/ many young trees growing and a bunch of undergrowth.  The trees can be 20-30 feet (pine trees).  But most of them around the spot he has picked out, the trees are 10-15 ft tall.  He doesn't want to clear all the trees out, would like to keep them for camo, but he reckons that the plants will get most of its sun light from when the sun is mostly right above it, so the mid day sun. 
    So would getting a couple of hours of direct sunlight at it's most intense (mid day) be enough to support a nice size plant?  He isn't looking for any monster size plants, but he doesn't want to risk it, if they won't produce much.  What do you guys think? 

  2. Be a waste of time you need 6 hours direct minimum to get anything worthwhile. Ganja loves sun more the better ideally u need 8 +. My farm spot i get close to 12 hours direct. Get 5 pounds avg per plant. Nor Cal love :-D
  3. I forgot to mention, in the summer it can get up to over 100+ F and have high humidity.  Thats why he was wondering if this intense period of heat and light of say 2-4 hrs would be enough.  But if not, my friend should try and find a better spot. 
  4. Yeah definitely find a better spot. Also ifyou have high humidity issues you might have alot of problems in flower with mold if its not a resilient strain.

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