the METAL thread

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  1. Whats up folks... I wanna know bands GC listens to (when high, DUH!)

    As of lately, I have been listening to:

    Disarmonia Mundi
    In Flames
    Fear Factory
    Children of Bodom

    All are great bands. While I know this doesn't exactly qualify as "stoner" music, listening to metal while high can be really crazy
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  3. The only metal I really like is:

    August Burns Red
    some As I lay Dying
    Dr. Acula
    and Slipknot

  4. i usually listen to black metal like gorgoroth, behemoth, burzum, emperor, or like mayhem n shit. or death metal stuff sometimes like cannibal corpse.

    recently iv been listen to a shit load of tool. which is amazing metal that could classify as stoner music. its the trippiest metal out there
  5. AS I lay dyings new cd is fuckin great, and the lead singers side band Austrian Death MAchine is greater, I mean whats more metal the terminator, NOTHING
  6. I love cunt
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  8. Meshuggah.
  9. children of bodom
    lamb of god
  10. u don't need to take ecstacy and put holes in ur brain to have a good time man, i just read that little list and i have to say alcohol does almost all of that. but back to the topic...

    fear factory
    as i lay dying (sound of truth ftw)
    in flames
    old ratm, metallica, korn....
  11. I don't like to drink enough alcohol to produce such symptoms due to the next day totally being fucked up due to hangover/headache.

    Holes in your brain = common government propaganda about Ecstacy. Holes in your brain actually refers to the amount of seratonin-like activity with someone who popped E vs. someone who did not obviously resulting in more or less activity by whichever standard you may agree upon.

    You do know by comparing Alcohol to Ecstacy is comparing a CNS depressant to a CNS stimulant. Completely different.
  12. Killswitch Engage ftw
  13. i LOVE slayer. definitely TOP NOTCH thrash metal
  14. You guys fail. No one has mentioned Morbid Angel?
  15. that has nothing to do with nothing, unless im missing something?

    mmm... ill get back to this one
  16. Has anyone else listened to the new In Flames album? Holy shit its awesome

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