the mendozas

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  1. Out here where i live They are a satanic cult run by melissa crystal sammy ray and the rest. They are jerks and stupid. The women swear they're virgin but they've had more cock than a faulty hen house. If that makes sense. They've ruined by complaint and nosiness every attempt I've made to communicate with the gods. They will suffer. They have already lost onwe said daniel gonzalez for their treachery. Good riddance.. They don't want me involving the dead and disrespecting them then they should respect my privacy and right to proper medication.

    Mendozas= no respect for the natural god
  2. This is a true story
  3. ^Aka fake story. You've seemed to have made a few threads and now want to leave the city. Goin out with a Bang?

  5. There's this guy who lives on my street. Middle aged guy with a really big head, pointy nose. He is always bringing strange girls home. And he's always saying "giggity", for some reason. He's friends with a fatass and a cripple. They used to have a black guy but he moved for some reason.
  6. I don't get it

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