The measure of man.

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How do you measure the worth of a man?

  1. The content of his character.

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  2. The colour of his skin.

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  3. the content of his wallet.

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  4. the content of his intelect.

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  5. the content of his love and affections to his loved one(s).

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  6. the content of his political mindset and ideals.

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  7. the content of his under garments.

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  8. the content of his engine block.

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  9. the content of his soul.

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  10. the number of times he can say "the content" in a poll before it looks silly. (aka. [i]I'm not

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  11. by how happy he is .

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  1. sorry.
    i dont know why i appologise for this poll, but i do anyways. edit, lol,[by stoned off face and drunk critter]shit l reckon l,am good cause l can still do it in this conditition,lol.c2.[​IMG] never apoliogise and never say ya,fuck spelling and grammer too.:D.P.S. hey sorry for messing with ya post mate l apoligise ,sorry.:D.made me laugh,lol.
  2. LMAO

    thnx critter... i'm lucky i still got u lookin out for me from just over my shoulder. ;)

    just return from laffin extatically from a pm from rumjil then i get this... thnx man... timing was impeccable!

    that option was indeed needed... im glad i hadnt voted yet so i still get to vote for that one too.
  3. hehe... u really are drunk aint ya. ;D

    night? u forgetting the time difference from opposite ends of the earth? lol

    i would wish you a great night... but it looks like you've beaten me to it and already had one ;)

    go critt!
  4. haha, makes me wish I was drunk, go get a room funnyboys! :D

    at least I'm stoned.

    But anyway, I think there's one problem with this poll, many people may vote for the same thing but their own definition of that thing could be quite different from another's.
    Intellect and love are, sadly, subjective in some cases, and political ideals are usually based on a premise of them being different than something else. There are two points within human perspective where the issue could get clouded, both in definition and usage. This is how people can lie, it's how they can persuade when the obvious is ignored.

    Now someone pass me that bottle please, it's 6 am on a Sunday but oh well. As Critter would say, cheers!!!
  5. yeah, but that was kinda half the point of this poll.
    ... ah. i knew i had a reason to appologise. lol
  6. Its all good.
  7. When I said there was one thing wrong with it I meant one wrong thing, out of several really good points. Good poll Digit

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  8. you measure the worth of a man, not by his words or his skin, but by his actions, words are often made hasty and sometimes thrown around under the influence of emotions or other drugs:p

    you measure the worth of a man by his actions. the actions of a man are the reflections of a mans soul, actions reflect his true intentions actions take thought, actions cant be undone, only partially repaired, if a man is worth a shit, he will realize this and shine, if he is not, his actions will make him fade away.

    i have said it many times, and i will say it many times again
    your life is what you make it, YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER EVERY SINGLE THING THAT HAPPENS IN YOUR LIFE, you can make of it whatever you wish, let your actions show your true charactes, actions speak louder than words, even though they may not always be recognized, they are always noticed.
  9. you measure the worth of a man by the contents of his engine block!!!! Jeez, that's not even a question!
  10. Sorry, completely off topic but the above reminds me of something someone said to be once.... 155 down a damp autobahn with the limiter screaming:

    "It's the cubes that do it maaaaaaaan, without the limiter we could dial in some booooOOOOOOoooost *manic grin* "

    Apologies. That just still brings a smile to my face.
  11. it looks like at least one of the two racists are still lurking here. :( :rolleyes:

    stand up... declare yourself. :p

  12. oh man, that's horrible!!

    The content of a person's soul affects what the person's character is, i believe.
    A man of higher intelligence speaks and makes his whole image much more attractive simply by using his brain and being intriquing with his knowledge and wit.
  13. 3 now! wtf!


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