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  1. [quote name='"The-Doctor"']If anything happens, it won't be down to any Mayan prophecy.

    Because Leap Years were introduced by Julius Caesar after the Mayan Calender was created, we're technically already into 2013 (if we remove every leap year since 45BC) and have already passed the supposed doomsday.

    I hope that helps. Peace.[/quote]

    This eased my mind, until I heard that scientists have readjusted the Mayans calendar to fit in with leap years, so no it is not technically 2013.
  2. [quote name='"budsmokn420"']

    This is the stupidest rumor going around lol

    The Mayan calendar doesn't have traditional Gregorian calendar years....the Mayan calendar had to be translated into accordance with the Gregorian calendar. The translations happened WAY after leap years began so yes, leap years have been taken into account and 12/21/12 is indeed the start of a new cycle of the calendar or in their terms, the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.[/quote]

    This^ didn't see it when I wrote mine, lol he explains it way better.
  3. Seeing as people keep pointing out my initial assumption was wrong (yes, we all know now) - I found this a pretty interesting read for those who are interested.

    Maya Calendar - 2012hoax

    It details how inaccurate the Mayan calender systems were.

  4. How did the Spanish kill off the Mayans if Mayan civilization was already gone in 6th century AD and the Spanish didn't come to the Americas until 16th century AD?

    Also, most Mexicans are of mixed ancestry [mestizo], only about 10% are of entirely indigeonous ancestry. And of that, less than 1.5 million Mexicans consider themselves Mayan.

  5. They were there when the spanish landed. The diseases from Europe wiped out 90% or more of the natives in the Americas.

  6. Haha gave me a good laugh :p
  7. Humans are going to achieve higher conciseness. Dec21 2012 11:11am. Look up spirit science ep12 on youtube
  8. [quote name='"TheCrunge"']The Mayans sure didn't see the Spanish coming![/quote]

    They actually did but some things are ment to happen they had to die it was there destiny. If you knew when you were gonna die would you spend your life trying to stop the inevitable?
  9. I hope you know that there is literally not one cultural anthropologists who agree with this. This narrative goes beyond pseudoscience and is almost entirely a fiction.
  10. [quote name='"Sam_Spade"']

    I hope you know that there is literally not one cultural anthropologists who agree with this. This narrative goes beyond pseudoscience and is almost entirely a fiction.[/quote]

    Yea and they probably think we came.from monkeys to there.spiritually dead and only listen to science witch is flawed. They probably believe in gravity to lmao its they can't prive it either just an explination ..Einstein didn't evan use gravity in his theory of relativity
  11. I'd just like to vouch that it is possible to have spiritual beliefs and to not have such an ignorant mindset as this.

    Unless you're just trolling, which I sincerely hope you are.
  12. [quote name='"The-Doctor"']

    I'd just like to vouch that it is possible to have spiritual beliefs and to not have such an ignorant mindset as this.

    Unless you're just trolling, which I sincerely hope you are.[/quote]

    Just stating facts

  13. fixed.
  14. Definite troll or idiot, I don't really care which. Just not worth replying to after this post.
  15. Na son just cause you don't understand doesn't make me an idiot

  16. Of course you are.
  17. That's actually not what most cultural anthropologists study. Those are primatologists (A very specific type of anthropologist) and evolutionary biologists. Different academic path altogether.

    I'm not sure why they would think we came from monkeys, we're great apes after all. Anatomically and genetically speaking that is a fact - but not a relevant one. I'd refer you to S&N if you wanna talk more about it.

    Actually no. You probably couldn't pick a worse academic discipline to accuse that of.

    A central tenant of cultural anthropology is participant observation which requires a researcher to disregard ethnocentric assumptions, to participate fully in the culture being studied, including spiritual rituals. Some of these can be very intense, both emotionally and physically. You'd be awfully surprised at how this effect your long-term belief system.

    I have plenty of personal anecdotes and shelves upon shelves of ethnographies if you'd like to learn more. It's all about the verstehen.

    Scientific methodology has a tough bearing on cultural anthropology for sure. But specifically the most relevant portions of it are the processes of research design, literary dissemination and criticism; methodological consistency and discussion. I'm not sure which one of those attributes make it particularly flawed to you, but I'd love to know!

    Also, not that it really pertains to this discussion, but I'd like to take the opportunity to say that science and spirituality are not at all antithetical to one another.

    Aw you're trolling? Well this is for the lurkers then I suppose.

    Science doesn't prove anything. Ever. Proof is not a thing that even exists in science. Perhaps you just don't understand what the scientific method is.... :confused:

    Uh, that's because general relativity EXPLAINS gravity.

    That's like saying Thermodynamics doesn't mention electricity.
  18. The coming food shortage is the fault of genetically modified crops and their soil bacteria destroying pesticide Round-Up, over farming, and wasteful management. It's ok, though, most of the crops failing are wheat, corn and soy, which are all nutritionally bereft of benefit to humans, but are used to feed pigs, which are also nutritionally bereft to humans, so that you can eat shite food drugged with MSG and aluminum and think it's yummy!

    Don't blame the mayans, blame Monsanto, and the Cattlemen's Association. This continent had a beautiful bison ranch called the great plains when europeans decided they would rather eat imported inferior meats. They brought the pigs that poison them, and the cows which are lower grade meat than bison.

    Europeans want things to end. The Mayan calendar actually runs in perfect solar synchronicity for an octillion years into the future. Only christians need the end of any worlds.

    Go organic, and stop eating slave foods like they tell you, and take back your planet without firing a shot. They are counting on your addiction to chemically jacked dogturds to secure their futures, these 'armageddonists'. Selling fear, and lies, and bad medicine to the poor, these will end soon, one way or the other. But I'll be planting organic again next spring I'm sure. So go grow some food, and don't be afraid of Monsanto's hit men. They are Academi agents, hired to lie and protect their OWN worst enemies.

    In other words, Idiots.
  19. Bolded parts are just general English errors. Italics are bits that don't make sense. :wave: Troll or idiot, feel free to choose.
  20. Can you cite ANY of this? I'm a firm believer in not taking things on people's words, unless I specifically trust the person's ability to make informed decisions. But calling beef 'inferior' simply because it's European? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense unless you're referring specifically to agricultural techniques. Which even then would be perpetually used in bison as well.

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