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  1. I'm sorry this kind of should be in the movie section, but I just want to have a discussion. What is the true meaning or story behind the movie 'The Matrix'. Are they all computer hackers or what? Anyone know the meaning??
  2. I think it's along the lines of life is just a dream, that what you are living is not real and basically you're brainwashed and controlled by a "system".
  3. That everything you believe about life is wrong, that you have been lied to your whole life and that you have never really opened your eyes to the REAL world.
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    It's the archetypal sci-fi tale about questioning the system you're born into. It's ultimately about not being scared to challenge status-quo and to live your life as you see fit.

    The directors, the Wachowski's brothers are, on the down-low, supposedly into leather-bondage and sadomasochism so it sort of fits.

    The first one is classic, the others, not so much.
    The 2nd one sports some inventive villains though.
  5. I could write a book here. ^^ What they said is true, tied in with the fact it's in our near future (scientifically speaking). Pollution, and advanced technology, which runs off of logic, i.e. computers, will eventually find the human race to be parasitic, which is true. Ergo, had to say it, leading the machines or "advanced robotics" to enslave all humans, and the ones that survive retreat underground. By enslaving, I don't mean legit slavery, they use the human's amazing power to create energy and they harvest it for themselves. :smoking:

    I'm gonna keep going, lol.

    The human mind needs to be busy, needs excitement and disappointment to produce the power that the "machines" are seeking. Therefore, the Matrix itself is similar to a coma, for lack of better words. It stimulates our brains, but is not "actual life".

    I won't bore everyone to death. Any other questions I'll be happy to answer tho! The Matrix is my favorite trilogy, apparently.
  6. I heard it is loosely based around the bible? Is this true?

    I can see the connection with Zion being the last human city, but I don't really know the bible that well.
  7. How they go in and out of the matrix is simple. Every person inside the matrix is not a human. They are programs ran by the Matrix, which is a program itself, created by the white haired man, who is actually a machine, but Neo is in the matrix so he sees him as a human. haha, I can't wait to see the responses to this.

    Any hoot, entering and exiting the matrix is simple. They hack the program, and insert themselves in. I'm not 100% sure on why the exit via landline in the future, but whatever.

    Something else. When you die in the Matrix, you die in real life. That doesn't seem right. It is. The Matrix is as real to the human mind as the real world is. Showing the mind that its bodily support has failed, leads the mind to think it has died, and thus does so.

    Neo being the "One". He just happens to be the one that makes it to the white-haired man in every version of the Matrix, and he makes the wrong decision and then the program restarts and restarts and keep doing so.
  8. so it repeats itself?
  9. I thought it was really obvious...
  10. i like the movie the only part i didnt get was when he met the old guy, i thought it repeated but for some reason this time is speacial and he ends it or something idk
  11. man, we hella analyzed the Matrix in high school in my english class AND philosophy class. and i even wrote a paper on it.

    BUT I FORGOT! :(
  12. Humans aren't parasites.

    We're starting to change our ways, gradually.
  13. yayy!
  14. The Matrix is probably one of the best movies ever made. The sequels are another story...but yeah. I think some people described it well. Were all living in a dream world while the actual "real" world is what you see when Neo first wakes up in the first movie...Zion. Anyways....
  15. Aside from enlightening the world that Keanu Reeves plays only one character in all of his movies,

    I think the meaning has a lot to do with Big brother and "waking up" to see the world is really a shithole, the government is blinding you with the curtains of paradise, and the only way to overcome them is to realize how they play the game and subsequently fuck with their shit.
  16. i object!
  17. oh hell naw

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