The Master Plan

Discussion in 'General' started by blazincaucasian, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. I am still living at home, in the process of getting my g.e.d. (will have that on oct 21st)
    I am going to get a job, save all my money and buy a whip.
    then im going to save more money, and move in with my friend ("good afternoon" on this site) when he saves up enough money. He already has a job. I need to save about 1000 bucks before we decide on an apartment so I have time to find a job nearby. A two bedroom costs about 600 a month so between the two of us we will have enough time to find jobs close. I already have furniture and shit like that, so we are good there.

    Only thing is, How does the apartment renting thing work, do both of our names need to be on the lease or can it just be one? cause I have no credit cards or anything like that.


    If im making 7.25 an hour in NC, how much should I expect to make in a month AFTER all taxes and shit are taken out ?

    thanks all :smoke:
  2. you can both be on the lease.... u'd want both of ya on there just in case there are issues down the road. Wouldn't be fair for just one of u to get stuck in a shitty situation.

    N as long as you pay the deposit, I dont think there are many rules as far as credit or any of that. Just pay on time, comply with landlord and things should go fine.

    I guess bout a third of my pay goes to taxes but im in mass.... dunno how different itd be for ya. go to the town hall n get details for ur local. Much better then guessing
  3. thanks man,

    so i can go in and show them I got the cash for a couple months rent up front, they ask for my social security number and proof of i.d. and its all good?
  4. u dont show them... ya gotta pay a deposit which is a month er two's rent that they hang onto as collateral if ya disappear. n thats after you agree with em on the price n conditions. i only rented from a fam friend so i dunno if there can be more to it
  5. thanks man.

    and one more thing,
    what happens if I get caught driving without a liscense in NC?
  6. ummmm.... im not even sure but it cant be good. esp if ur a youngin. We need a NC local to get in here.
  7. look up laws, google that.

    And don't get caught cause Im sure the fine will set you back enough to delay all this.

    Make sure to not spend your money on bud until you got the rent payed off, tip for the wise:p
  8. haha Im good there, I can save my doe easy. I will only be driving to work and back, my roommate can take me anywhere else.

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