The Mars Volta - Nocturniquet

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  1. I'm currently listening to the new album Nocturniquet by The Mars Volta..:smoke::D

    Anyone interested in this album?

    I like it. I'd give it an 85% out of 100. It isn't Deloused, nothing can live up to that, but I like their artistic vision. Cedric and Omar maintain much of the same intense vocal and instrumental work, and I like most of the songs on the album. Omar digs more into some keyboard here, but their songs push boundaries without completely going over them and pissing you off with too much intricacy.

    Songs to listen for that have peaked most interest:

    Empty Vessels Make the Loudest Sounds
    Zed and Two Naughts

    (They shipped the album to me a week early! It comes out the 27th. I also got a sweet t-shirt with the album front artwork, it looks pretty epic).

    Let me know if you're interested or what you think of it I'd like to hear fellow blades' opinions.

    The Mars Volta always captivates me, not every song is perfect sure but they sure are a fresh breath of air to the normal crap the media follows these days.
  2. I have listening to it quite a bit, and I hate to say I am already bored of it. The songs are solid and enjoyable but they do not instantly hit you and draw you in, you have to let them grow on you similar to Octahedron.
    The songs on this and their last few albums have been good music, but the style change they are making is one that I feel is just not even on the same level as their older records.
    Deloused and Frances the Mute pulled you in from the very beginning and skulled-fucked you for the next sixty minutes. I just don't have the same feeling when I listen to Noctouriquet. Above average music for sure, but a shadow of their old stuff.
  3. Meh, I heard a couple of the tracks and it just doesn't sound that impressive.
  4. It'll definitely grow on you as you listen to it, as I got it off torrent three weeks ago. They overuse the synth a little too much for my taste, but the album really has feeling and emotion to it that I haven't heard since Amputecture. All in all, my favorite album since Amp, and my favorite songs gotta be In Absentia, the song is fuckin epic.

    I feel that TMV have really had to become more mainstream with every album, and that has a lot to do with their record company. Like they only have one song over 7 minutes, In Absentia, and the other songs really have potential to do a lot more if given the chance. They're just evolving, and I wouldn't expect many more albums like their first ones with twenty minute shred and noise solo's we all love.
  5. TMV is without a doubt my favorite band, but I can't really get into Nocturniquet. It just lacks that fullness and the songs are slow and can be boring at times.. A letdown for me. I still like it more than the stuff I hear other people listening to, but it's just good not great.

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