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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mmmmgood422, Aug 6, 2003.

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  1. well, digit said:
    \"i think people are getting bored of these appreciations threads. shame, there\'s so many more that need them.\"
    Well heres a thread for appreciation of the magical herb. i am so thankful that God made such a beautiful, incredible plant. THANK YOU MJ for all you have given me i am forever in your debt.
  2. marijuana i fucking luv u!!!! hope you grow and grow and grow and they make u legal!!! i luv u so much u r the best thing ever!!!!
  3. I <3 you marijuana....

    so many memorable many occasions....

  4. Couldn\'t say it better myself!
  5. oh have changed my life...with the first toke i knew that you would do so much for me.

    my mind has been broadened, and i have made so many friends that are genuine people due to your existence. i have so many fond memories of times with you, the way you have made me feel and live. i can\'t wait to see where you will take me next!

    Edit- really nailed it with your ode, man.
  6. I love my Green simple.
  7. i dont really know if a marijuana appreciation thread is needed. i mean.... isnt that kinda what the whole forum is for? :D

    but i still feel like i should rant on for a few thousand words about why it means so much to me.

    but instead i\'ll keep it short...

    without cannabis i would be in pain, an addict to worse things, or dead. no joke.

    Praise da herb!
  8. ohhh deep.
    I see we have values in common.

    I totaly agree.

    I enjoy a good joint for three reason:
    meditative transe
    euphoria (sex, food, music, etc..)
    brainstorming with other (stoned) humans.

  9. hey gravy, (or ne1 else who wants 2 join) u wanna make a club!???? we\'ll call it the marijuana appreciation club or MA 4 short

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