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The mantra of Marijuana

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by shell_09, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. You know, it's weird i've been smoking for like 5 years... i consider that a while.. but i found that i've made smoking, a very ritualistic thing... does anyone else find they do that?

    Personally, i really like the ritualistic nature... I'm even striving to do more to make it even more ritualistic, it's weird.
  2. I don't do it a certain times, but I found that I smoke on more of a regular basis these days..

    I'll smoke more if i've had a hard day or if I'm real tired. Week ends are more of a ritual though!
  3. Oh, and I've been smoking for 23 years!
  4. recently, i was visiting a friend, and we all had alot of weed and decided to have jamaican(sp?, anywho) That was sooo intense, we had like 5 bongs going at one time and there was 4 of us there... that was a crazy experience... alot of fun but wow!
  5. i soo agree.... its such a ritual for me as well. I've been smoking for 5 years as well. And usually i only Blaze with about 3 of my closests friends. Whenever we smoke at each others houses. The ritials and traditions at each persons house are always followed to the dime. Such as where everyone sits, who makes tea for everyone, who rolls, whose music selection we use. Its very orderly, and very comfortable, the ritualistic aspects just makes it a relaxed and perfect mind-set to get HIGH! and these rituals are carried out daily, as well i have my own rituals when i blaze alone as well.
  6. i definitely agree. my habits with marijuana are very ritualistic, especially my joint-rolling. i take a long time rolling my joints, but there's never a single remnant of a stem, mini-seed or anything and they're smooth as hell.

    nevermind i have to use a rolling machine because i'm a big klutz and never learned how to roll joints...

    but it's very theraputic and relaxing to roll a joint, then kick back and relax while smoking :)

    one of my favorite "rituals" is so dorky i am almost afraid to admit it: i have a fresh bowl packed at the beginning of every episode of 24. i love the show to death, and it's the perfect way to kick off the show LOL (phishhead does this with the sopranos). i know we're geeks but w/e :)
  7. I like what has been said, I do think it's a comfort thing, we all need to be in a zone, I personally don't like to leave my house when i'm baked (may reasons) but i like to feel confortable when i am baked. I personally think that it's the more mature smokers that have more complex rituals... that what i'm thinking, what do you think? I could be wrong.

    I would also like to touch on joint rolling. A good joint (or blunt, definately a blunt) can make the weed smoking a VERY relaxing time in a group situation. Personally, I'm a bong man, but I flip-flop sometimes, i revert to my roots(with a joint). I'm sure that's how everyone was baptised into the weed culture.

    - Shay out
  8. There's alot more to smoking weed that i like than just the smoking of the weed. For some reason i like to clean my glass bowl after a session. And im the one that breaks the bud up for the group most times. Because i am quick but thourough. Bowl maintnance like stirring it it blowing the ash's of the top happen during my pass too! :)
  9. When the redwings are playing, I lock my door, sit in my extremely comfortable big ass red chair, light some incense, have something to drink, and just sit and watch while burnin a joint
    go wings!
  10. i've been smokin for about 16yrs and i luv it when the hubby goes to his mothers with the kids and i play whatever i feel like at the time and clean house with the tunes blasting. then i have a nice long bath with candles and salts and whatever else i want and i just soak it up smokin another. i have many other rituals i enjoy a whole lot lol.
  11. This has turned into a really cool forum topic... please if anyone else has rituals they like post them i enjoy reading yours, because it's funny some are so similar to my one rituals... ie chopping weed, bong maintenance... these are all traits of people who have or do smoke alot of weed, self included... I find it weird that i'm a self taught stoner, and i have rituals of people who have been saturated in the weed culture for much longer then i have... but you can see trends between smokers. a world network of weed smokers! what a thought haha...

  12. You've been smoking longer than I have been alive! I gots a long way to catch up. As a matter of fact, let me hit this bong right now.

    Puff, Puff, Pass!

  13. LMAO ganjaphish you are too funny...and 24 *does* kick ass.
  14. i like to have a phat pipe packed at the begining of every episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien because he is the funniest man alive. also i like to smoke after me shower in the morning before school

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