the mail was supposed to come a half hour ago

Discussion in 'General' started by DTwnvrlfthbghl, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. im sitting on the porch waiting for my new vape to come in the mail and of course today is the day the mail is late. fuuuuuuu!
  2. Soon enough friend
  3. must be the worst day of your life...
  4. get out of there!!!!!!!! now!!!!!!!!!!

    they found it!!!!

    they're sending in the CIA!!!!!
  5. at least ive got the sunshine :)

    im just trying to have my hands on it before i have to go to class, then work till 5am.

    and really. the mail never comes this late. is there some kind of holiday today im forgetting? is it sunday? has the post office been heisted for all its birthday cards and vaporizers? is there a hostage situation? can i negotiate a ransom payment for just my vape?

    or worse... what if the mail already came today, and we just didnt get anything!?
  6. Hate when that happens! I specifically got 2 day delivery for my iPhone and it still only came on the 3rd day... got so pissed >.<
  7. oh shit theres the truck
  8. it didnt come :'( just some bills.

  9. so....
    what were you expecting though?
  10. That is how it always works! When you are expecting something the mail is always late...or so it seems.
    My IPhone 4S came yesterday....A day EARLY! That never happens...I was shocked...Good ol' FedEx.
    Let us know how your vape works...I need to get one. :smoke:
  11. someone broke my favorite bowl on saint patrick's day and gave me $50, so i figured what better time to invest? :)

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