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The Magic Chocolate, 100% green :D

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by reyqaz, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Hello dear friends,
    Today, I'd like to share with you my experience with the marijuana preparation made in the rural asian sides.
    Ate 4 of these silver balls.
    The potency of these balls is unknown, I've been having these since a week now, going slow and stead on the amount consumed.

    The high is unique and very different than cannabutter or any other cooked recipe so far. I believe this product is bulk produced as where this originates, there is quite a huge demand for these.

    As far as my taste buds tell me, I taste fragments of twigs and some sugar crystals, not a good sign for health, but who cares about that for now I need a relief for the increasing intra ocular pressure in my eye.
    Based on previous experience a single ball would show its effects after about a 45 minute cycle, I can feel a certain liquid digestion happening, maybe some irritation in the stomach due to the twigs?
  2. Post video of you eating it please

    And a pic of your garden if able
  3. So they sell em on the streets in india? Hows the indian shrooms?
  4. What are those?
  5. wtf is that?

    Good luck.
  6. indian balls
  7. haha indian balls!
    23 Minutes in the timer, I'm grabbing on for I am sure this one is going to be a ride.
    I wish i could post a video of me eating it. lol No, thank you.
    They don't sell them on the streets, no.

    The balls called mostly as "pedhas" are sold like mentos which claim to be health Ayurvedic medicine LMAO.
  8. Thats cray looking!! lol. Looks like a rock, that is really eat, lol.
  9. lol those arent pedhas from what ive seen man...

    pedhas are like a doughnut hole almost lol... and they are sweet
  10. Yea he described it as sweet...

    Not all purple strains turn purple.... follow me?

  11. Yes, I still am worried about the silver coating on them, one of them had a god damn piece of wood in them. Risky stuff.
  12. he said

    "As far as my taste buds tell me, I taste fragments of twigs and some sugar crystals,"

    the ingredients of a pedha have no fucking twigs HAHAHAHA its like a cookie....

    and this is what a pedha looks like

  13. dude are you eating tin foil
  14. "Rural Asia"

    Op. . . Are you eating tinfoil? Lol
  15. 40 Minutes in,
    Substantial decrease in the eye pain, though I can still feel the nerve.
    I notice a peak in the blood pressure for a certain period after which the numbers are a slightly ~+5 elevated in measurements. Somewhat like entering outer space, weird.
  16. hahaha, i don't know what the silver thing is, but i do know the inside is cooked marijuana, sative - I am guessing
  17. Hmm,
    I guess my relation with the "pedha" was with the dimension, what else could i refer them to? Oh, those, No, I wont. lol

  18. yea, then its definitely not a pedha lol

    my parents friends from some crazy country over there used to make them all the time hahaha
  19. I remember! Its called a "Ganja Goli". The term of a ball is "Gola/goli". the l is pronounced as "ra"

  20. its like 2 am in india, how u feeling

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