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The Lying Neo Liberal Joe Biden Thread

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Green Wizard, Dec 13, 2020.

  1. I'm not young.
    Just one of those old white men that trump racism doesn't work on.

    Funny how your trumpites can never give specific things that liberals have done that harm society.
    Instead you make up things liberals don't do, then berate them for doing those things they don't do.

    "attempting to disrupt trump" is just your opinion.
    That disruption never took the form of attacks on democracy, like the BigLie and Jan 6 that fox is now trying to downplay.
    No, they were attempts to help the middle class.

    No racist ever believes he is a racist.
    But there is strong evidence that racism does exist:
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  2. Ok old man. so what's your gig? what do you hope to get out of promoting a far left, progressive social model out of one side of your mouth while constantly spewing drivel about a guy named Trump from the other side? that seems to be all you have. that's both shallow and narrow.

    What's making me upset about liberals in 21st century terms is; sanctuary cities, open borders, cancel culture, promotion of systemic racism theory, defunding police movement, destructive 2020 riots, hijacking the education system ('you' are going for the children), the pushing of climate change over common sense, facebook inc et al, twitter, open censorship, covid lockdowns, vaccination mandates.

    These points are strictly off the tip of my very pointed cone head. i wonder what the hell you've been doing and involved with since the 70's (if you're actually 'old').
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  3. If you were a far right cultist he’d sell you the whole lake…


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  4. Lets go Brandon!

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  5. People that stick their fingers in their ears and start chanting "blah, blah, blah, I can't hear you." never end up on the high school debate team. I wonder why?
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  6. Serious question - what has this Administration gotten done yet?

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  7. exactly! where's comala? she's mia. my lovely wife is sorely disappointed in comala. my wife isnt a fan of the person but she was a fan that a woman had risen to such a lofty position as the VPOTUS. I'm sure there are other women that might share my wife's view.

    Where is comala?
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  8. I'm very glad you asked.
    My answer is lengthy, and will require two separate posts.

    First, a direct answer to your question:
    Biden has already done a lot to help the virus-stricken middle class, including getting vaccination rates up in spite of repub opposition to vaccines on vaccine-mandated fox news.

    From (I chose a foreign source to diminish shrieks of "fake news.")
    Covid stimulus: Biden signs $1.9tn relief bill into law
    US President Joe Biden has signed a $1.9tn (£1.4tn) economic relief bill that aims to help Americans impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic into law.

    The bill includes $1,400 payments, an extension of jobless benefits, and a child tax credit that is expect to lift millions out of poverty.

    Mr Biden said the relief package will rebuild "the backbone of this country".

    The spending bill, one of the largest in US history, passed Congress without a single Republican supporter.

    The package has been broadly popular among Americans.
    A March Pew Research Center poll found that 70% of US adults surveyed expressed support for the bill, including 41% of Republicans.
  9. If he's sucking off biden this hard, it's hard to believe he's a far left progressive. I don't know a leftist who is fond of Biden. He sounds more like an American liberal.

    Dems are centrist, some are centre-right and some are centre-left
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  10. I'm gonna go with dick sucker :laughing:
  11. But what are biden and dems really up to?

    "The U.S. has the highest level of income inequality among its (post-)industrialized peers.[1] When measured for all households, U.S. income inequality is comparable to other developed countries before taxes and transfers, but is among the highest after taxes and transfers, meaning the U.S. shifts relatively less income from higher income households to lower income households. In 2016, average market income was $15,600 for the lowest quintile and $280,300 for the highest quintile. The degree of inequality accelerated within the top quintile, with the top 1% at $1.8 million, approximately 30 times the $59,300 income of the middle quintile.[2]

    To see how income inequality harms society, Inequality is bad for society, economic prosperity good

    Dems are trying for two bills, an infrastructure bill, and a human infrastructure bill.
    Here are some of the proposed items in the infrastructure bill:
    Roads and bridges
    Public transport
    Power and water systems
    Environmental remediation

    Here are some of the proposed items (many won't make it because of cost) for the HUMAN infrastructure bill:
    $135 billion for the Committee on Agriculture Nutrition and Forestry. used to address forest fires, reduce carbon emissions, and address drought concerns.

    $332 billion for the Banking Committee. Including investments in public housing, the Housing Trust Fund, housing affordability, and equity and community land trusts.

    $198 billion for the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. This would develop clean energy.

    $67 billion for the Environment and Public Works Committee. These monies would fund low-income solar and other climate-friendly technologies.

    $1.8 trillion for the Finance Committee. This part of the bill is for investments in working families, the elderly, and the environment. It includes a tax cut for Americans making less than $400,000 a year, lowering the price of prescription drugs, and ensuring the wealthy and large corporations pay their fair share of taxes.

    $726 billion for the Health, Labor, Education, and Pensions Committee. This addresses universal pre-K for 3- and 4-year-olds, childcare for working families, tuition-free community college, funding for historically black colleges and universities, and an expansion of the Pell Grant for higher education.

    $37 billion for the HSGAC Committee. This would electrify the federal vehicle fleet, electrify and rehab federal buildings, improve cybersecurity infrastructure, reinforce border management, invest in green-materials procurement, and invest in resilience.

    $107 billion for the Judiciary Committee. These funds address establishing "lawful permanent status for qualified immigrants."

    $20.5 billion for the Indian Affairs Committee. This addresses Native American health programs and facilities, education programs and facilities, housing programs, energy programs, resilience and climate programs, BIA programs and facilities, Native language programs, and the Native Civilian Climate Corps.

    $25 billion for the Small Business Committee. This provides for small business access to credit, investment, and markets.

    $18 billion for the Veterans Affairs Committee. This funds upgrades to veteran facilities.

    $83 billion for the Commerce Committee. This goes to investments in technology, transportation, research, manufacturing, and economic development.

    The Rich and their fox-enablers hate this, because it transfers wealth from them to working families. Their answer: dupe people into believing false things that will help them keep income inequality alive.

    In reality, the posters here who hate what I post, have more in common with me than they do with the rich hosts on fox news.
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  12. anyone taking odds against the Blundering Biden's popularity going lower? I'm betting he will get to the 20's%. he's a turd, comala is a turd, pelosi is a turd, schumer is a turd, "the squad" are individual turds and collectively they are what one calls a pile of turds. fauci is a turd. who am i missing deserving turd stats?

    Mitch the bitch is most definitely a turd but tbh he's probably holding things together so i'll give him props for that if he is. (he's still a turd imo).

    Biden drops to 38% approval in new national poll
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  13. Wow! Your ability to rile yourself up is impressive.

    Please explain what a sanctuary city is, and how many immigrants a city must have to qualify as a "sanctuary city."
    And how sanctuary cities harm you personally.

    Neither party wants open borders.
    Biden is now being criticized for abusing immigrants on the southern border.

    Cancel culture is one of those lies that repubs use to rile their base.
    Both sides cancel equally.
    Moral repub Liz Cheney was "canceled" by your side.

    Objections to teaching about race in the US is racist.

    There were a few liberal idiots that wanted to defund the police, but 99% of us do not. Police are essential, and need MORE funds.

    According to 93% of Black Lives Matter Protests Have Been Peaceful, New Report Finds
    93% of Black Lives Matter Protests Have Been Peaceful, New Report Finds
    But even 7% is too much, so we have partial agreement on this.

    You probably don't even know what "hijacking the educational system" means, and l doubt you can give a single example.

    I've lost patience.
    But one last thing. Your "if you're really old" comment is highly offensive.
  14. yawn...... :notworthy:. yada, yada, yada if social "ism" was a self-sustaining model for society and government then it would be the number one choice of societies on the planet. alas, that isnt true is it?

    Your other comments are phish bait and i aint biting.
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  15. #2715 garrison68, Oct 6, 2021
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2021
    President Joe Biden's approval rating hits new low in latest Quinnipiac poll
    Oct. 6 2021 USA Today

    As his agenda flounders on Capitol Hill, President Joe Biden’s popularity among everyday Americans is taking a beating.

    Biden’s approval rating has dropped to 38%, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday. That’s down from 42% three weeks ago and from a high of 50% in mid-February.

    “Battered on trust, doubted on leadership, and challenged on overall competency, President Biden is being hammered on all sides as his approval rating continues its downward slide to a number not seen since the tough scrutiny of the Trump administration,” Quinnipiac University polling analyst Tim Malloy said in a prepared statement.

    While the Quinnipiac poll has Biden at an all-time low approval rating, an analysis of various polls by FiveThirtyEight shows it remains at 44%. That is 6 points higher than the Quinnipiac poll.

    While Biden maintains wild popularity among Democrats – about 80% approve of the job he is doing – his approval rating among Republicans and independents, who make up the largest portion of the sample, has cratered, according to Quinnipiac.

    About 32% of independents approve of Biden’s job as president. His approval rating among Republicans is only 4%.

    Respondents panned his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, with only 28% saying the withdrawal was the right move. He had negative approval for his handling of the military, taxes, foreign policy, immigration and the Mexican border, according to the poll.

    Biden also hit low points in the latest poll on two key questions: his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economy. About half of those polled said they disapprove of the way he has handled the coronavirus, and 55% disapprove of his handling of the economy.

    The White House has ramped up pressure on Americans to get vaccinated, but about 20% of respondents said they still do not plan to receive a vaccine.

    The poll surveyed 1,326 adults between Oct. 1-4. Its margin of error was 2.7 percentage points.

  16. I’m all for further taxing of the rich.

    What I am not for is spending money we don’t have. If we don’t have it we probably can’t afford it.

    He wants to do all of this stuff? GREAT! But tax the rich FIRST - build up a kitty and spend off of that - because until then? We don’t have it.

    I don’t wanna hear about “government shutdowns” one week and then spending (borrowing?? Printing??) $3.7 TRILLION the next.

    Do the right thing - make the money first and then spend it.

  17. Well now - that’s because nothings been done to protect our southern border by the Feds - the States have had to do what they can on their own.

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  18. You fail to understand the meaning of the word "socialism," so I'll give you the definition:
    1. a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.
    There are almost certainly some socialist democrats, but like with "Defund the Police," 99% of us hate socialism as much as you do, and don't want to "Defund the Police."

    We don't want government controlling these things any more than you do.

    We believe part of the government's job is to make sure society is fair and just, using appropriate legislation.
    Tax policy is especially important in doing this.

    (You won't respond to "phish bait" because what you call "phish bait" is really facts you cannot refute.)

  19. I'll be happy to find common ground with you. i despise our government right now, but you have to quit labeling everyone a BigLie, trumpite, dumblican who posts sentiments that dont align with your central theme: anti-trump, BigLie, "if you're red you're dead", rhetoric.

    Trust me when i say there's a cargo container ship loaded with crap i despise about the guvment. I dont mind government bashing at all.
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  20. Our democracy is in danger.

    Trump still claims that he won the election, and a majority of repubs agree.
    Even though his own election officials called the election the most secure in history.
    If he would stop repeating the BigLie I would stop mentioning the BigLie, trump, or trumpism.

    Abortion rights are being trampled on.

    Repubs are lying that dems are socialist, and want to defund the police.

    Republican states are enacting voting restrictions, and a part of those restrictions is that state legislators will be able to toss out election results they don't like.

    We share some distaste for government, and many legislators are in politics for the money.

    I'm not a dem or a biden fan, but at this point in history the republican party has become a danger to democracy. I'm mainly not a dem because dem cowardly inaction is allowing this to happen.

    My rants about trump, trumpism, and the republican party are based on fear of losing democracy.
    As an old white man I won't suffer physically if repubs destroy democracy, but many others will.

    Without truth our society is in danger.
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