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Discussion in 'General' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jan 11, 2002.

  1. I was working this week in state that offers the lottery. Mine doesn't so don't make fun of me. I felt lucky so I plunked 5 down on some quick picks. usually when I feel lucky I always win something.

    So I got to thinking over a nice buzz, what the hell am I going to do if I win this 80 million bucks. And without hesitation I came up with this...

    #1 - tell my boss and his boss and his boss to suck my dick!

    #2 - buy about 30 goats from Big Tom off the last survivor show and have him spend a weekend with me getting drunk, stoned, and partying.

    #3 - pay Robert Plant amd Jimmy Page a million bucks for a concert on my front porch for me and a few good stoner friends.

    What three things would you do with a $80 million lottery winnings?
  2. 1. Buy a 2002 Ferrari 360 Modena F1, a few 1966, 1967 and 1969 427 Vettes, buy 1967, 1968, and 1969 Camaros with 396s, 1 1970 Chevelle LS6 hardtop, a 1968 Dodge Duster GTS, a 1971 Plymouth Duster 340, and buy a 2002 BMW M3 with the SMG II transmission.

    2. Buy 10 pounds of good weed, to hold me over for awhile, and about 50 different types of smoking devices. Also, varous other drugs such as acid, valium, and coke just to see what that's like.

    3. Get a nice Penthouse in the Boston Area and invest the rest in stocks, bonds, etc...

    Oh yeah, and pay for college that's coming up.
  3. i think ill have a little smoke and ponder this....
    i never play,...
    i dont think ive ever uttered the words,..."i feel lucky"
    although (i cant believe im going to tell you this,ooooh the parenting) but we buy our kids the scratch offs at the gasstation :eek: they love'em :)
  4. WOO that's a load of CASH!

    I would do these 3 things:

    1) Give our parents brother and sisters 5 million each (that'll leave us more than half and more than enough to mess around with), and one phat pad in Maui with 6 rooms on a private beach for some awesome getaways.

    2) Buy a shitload of weed, but not too much so it doesn't dry out ~ I'd save enough so I would always afford a steady supply, and new paraphenilia (all glass) when necessary.

    3) Quit my job, hell yeah. Tell those drama addicts to step the hell off and disappear.

    ONLY if BPP lets me come to his page/plant concert, if not, then I'll have it and combine it with my #3, if ya'll will let me!!
  5. Numero uno.


    I already got the location. I just wanna better house.

    Numero dos.

    Throw a PAGE/PLANT concert in Alabama.

    Call it Poppapuffstock. Since I'd won the lottery and he did'nt I would'nt want him to feel bad, this was his idea to start with.

    There are others. But probably I would have a heart attack when I found out I won. So it would probably go on medical bills.

  6. I just checked my numbers and didn't have a damn one of them. But One lucky winner one the whole $80 million. And guess where it was won sweet little Miss Ingalls....?


    Damn Yankees always come out on top!!!! *LOL*

    Oh And I want one of them 1970 Chevelle Supersports, but gotte be red with twin black stripes down the middle with Krager rims, big tires in the back, and an eight-track tape player with matching butterknife in the glove box. (You have to be a fried old fucker to know why you need a butterknife with a eight track)

    Smoked too much last night and still feel it today.Whoooo!
  7. right I would do the following things....
    1 buy a great big house in amsterdam where i can grow my weed and bring it back to where i live.

    2 have large amounts of cannabis and beer regularly air dropped to prince harry

    3 pay Margret Thatcher to never EVER speak in public AGAIN EVER!!!!
  8. I want a 70 Chevelle LS6 that's black with black interior and twin red racing stripes...
  9. HIGH ALL!!
    B.P.P.-sorry 'bout yer luck!!! On that 8-track with the butter-knife.......been there-done that!!! As a matter of fact the old P.O.S. I'm drivin still has the original 8-track in it with the built in amp!!! All I have to listen to on it is C.C.R., The Eagles, and Jerry Lee Lewis!!!! It still works without the butter-knife.
    I would have to

    1. Quit my jobs-ALL of them!!!

    2. Party? Hell Yes!! I'd buy this whole stupid little town-Town
    Party!!! My choice of music would be Aerosmith, or Ozzy.
    Of course they would have to share the stage with my ol'
    man-since he's the best guitarist I know!!!
    3. My dream (since I was 16)......a '68 El Camino SS, midnite
    blue (metalflake), 350 (the works), with a matching bike
    trailer to pull my matching 1200 Custom Sportster!!!!
  10. Why not get a 396, that's what they came with...andyou won the lottery after all!
  11. I want to change my mind on the hot rod.

    1968 Shelby GT500KR mustang, black with gold stripes.

    Also, I would pay some rock group like Creed, DMB, or Chili Peppers $5 million to record one of my wifes songs that she wrote and feature her guitar work in the tune, and then have it noted on the CD cover.

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