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The loser way of telling a girl you like her

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Broly, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. >be me

    >meet girl

    >too pussy to admit that you like her

    >2 years of friendship go by and you finally get baked and confess your love OVER FACEBOOK

    >girl doesn't like you, likes your best friend whose been taking your girls for the past 2 years

    loser level: me
  2. You need a wingman :gone:
  3. Shit forgot to say this. EDIT
  4. This has actually happened to me too many times.. :eek:
  5. humpy dumpy bumby
  6. This guy needs to go 8 rounds with Yummybud.
  7. This happened to me once. But I ended up flipping it around and fucking her in the end, although I hate that bitch now.

    Don't worry, once you get over things like this for the first time, shit will never happen again.
  8. Honestly... look at the bright side. Confessing your love in that way wasn't the real fuck up-- it was being in a heartaching friendship with her for 2 years first. If you hadn't of confessed your love, nothing would have changed, more time would be wasted silently pining and stuck on her.

    It probably wouldn't make too much difference how you told her; her lack of reciprocation would probably have been the same. At least now you've got it out of the way and can start the process of moving on.

    And you'll know better next time how to avoid ending up in that position.
  9. So what lesson have you learned from this ordeal?
  10. At least now you can move on

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  11. Really? From your iPhone 5 using GC Forum? Egads, that's great! Good to know!
  12. Not really a loser way at all unless you think of yourself as one.
  13. 2 years later? lol

  14. That's an automatic signature when you use the app. He's not being a douche.

  15. Yeah, relax!

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  16. Lol I know I know, but you can take that signature off. I did on the android app because, like you say, I thought it looked kinda douchey.

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