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the longer u smoke...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Aug 31, 2001.

  1. the longer you've been smoking for the better you seem to be able to get what is needed from the herb. This, I see as one of the maint things that makes cannabis differant from ALL other drugs. Its like a co-operative thing between you and the drug. the better you understand it the better you get along. this is particularly evident in my caser as the first time i smoked any decent quantity of stuff (althoug it was soap) i puked compaired with now where....

    ... its not so much that my tolerance has gone up but more i understadn how it works effects me, body and brain, and how to appreciate and take whats needed from the experience.

    although i've only been smoking for a few years, just though i'd point this out as some people who have been toking for even longer than i have yet to figure this out. Some "seasoned" tokers have yet to auto titrate! and whitey frequently. (could be something to do with the absent minded use of alcohol with the weed though --- fools.)

    just some food for thought incase you have not thought about it in such a way as yet.
  2. slight misinterpretation.... but only slight.

    what you said was valid.

    but i meant more the effects... em... as in your own experience and how the experience changes as you get more used to the drug. And for the same quantity. with all those other drugs tollerance builds up much more quickly.

    now whether one gains a tollerance increase with cannabis seems to depend very much on the individual. Something in itself which also suggests that its how the user manages to handle the drug mentally within. But my early use of cannabis gave me little or nothing of what i can gain from it now.

    I've not done a hell of alot of drugs, but i make an observation to the ones i've done regularly (mainly Alcohol and Extasy) in comparison to cannabis.

    My observation may be slightly misplaced (in terms of tollerance) considering that no to plants have the exact same levels of all the chemicals within.


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