The Living Force: Applying the teachings to everyday life.

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  1. If you like I have been obsessed with the Star Wars Galaxy you'd probably know about the teachings of the Jedi order and The Dark Lord of the Siths(pre and post Darth Bane,Rule of Two era) and shit.

    Most of their rules and teachings are borrowed from other religions mainly Christianity, Hinduism, branches of Buddhism and other philosophies and religion

    What do you guys think of it? sites like sithreligion and the jedi academy are taking this to the next level by adapting it to real life even as far as calling it jediism.

    Some articles on it:
    The Jedi Academy Online: Jedi Philosophy for Everyday Life.

    Jedi Code:
    The Jedi Code is shared between many of the different Jedi paths including some Jediism groups. It's advice is simple and not hard to understand. The challenge is in bringing it into your life.

    There is no emotion, there is peace.
    There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
    There is no passion, there is serenity.
    There is no chaos, there is harmony.
    There is no death, there is the Force.

    they seek to use fictional Jedi as inspiration for self-betterment in their own lives, using them as examples, not trying to portray them in role playing games, or worshiping them in Jedi prayers. They follow the Jedi Code and the Jedi Circle exhibiting part of what the actual Jedi stood for as well as experience from members who have been apart of the community for many years.

    Some forums discussing the philosophies in depth
    SithNet - Sith Religion - Home

    What s a y you? I hope somebody takes this seriously haha.:D
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    i believe in the jedi code from the 5 examples u give
    i believe it applies to me sort

    just smile through the bs
    keep your head up
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    its not about me, its about the nightmares people are living elsewhere

    i am her feathers, she fly, fly-er then you, fly-er then me

    help me heal her wings so she can fly again
    no remorse,it was meant to happen

    she needs all her feathers in one bird, one god universal
  4. Dude,what are you on about? haha.
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    analogies/metaphors for peace
    what i wont do for love?
    blinded by the light

    from the cradle to the grave, life aint easy, '89 mama gave birth to a hell raising son, i escaped this prison, this cycle of hate
  6. i wonder why were scared to let each other fly? escape the hate

    u aint gotta be in jail to be doing time

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