The Little Plant That Could

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by tdaddy253, May 29, 2013.

  1. so basically a few months ago i killed all my plants on purpose cause i was dealling with to many frustrations from wind burn and heat stress so out of anger i just killed them all and shut the lights off. except one plant survived because it fell behind a 5 gal bucket i it was sitting on. for somereason i had a feeling there was still a plant alive in there so abt 2 days later i found one of my babys still kikin btw this plant was 12-12 from seed basically abt a week in 24-0. so i took it and placed it under 24-0. after about 3 weeks i started to see preflowers (fem) from a reg seed btw. how lucky is that my only surviving plant was a fem atleast i think. so after i transferred it from coco witch i shouldnt have been growing in the frist place into hydro and saw a rapid explosion in growth now i got this big bush with very tight internodes but it dosent show preflowers anymor and when it did there was only a couple? so what happend im still in 24-0 just switched to 12-12 yesterday but no sign of preflowers is it a hermie or somthing ?

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