The lg Vortex.

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  1. Anyone else have one?

    THESE THINGS FUCKING SUCK DICKKKK. Had to get that out of me. But fuck. I've had this phone since like December. Every day I'm closer to throwing it off a cliff. it does shit like my 3g randomly turning off and on, it's slow as shit, doesn't have flash and the apps always crash on it. Always. Blah. Sorry about the rant but if you had one of these you would understand.
  2. That's why I use Samsung.

    But HTC makes some quality devices.
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    I really want the new Droid 3, HTC is pretty damn good, but I don't like their phones, dunno why. What kind of phone do you have?
  4. I just got the Samsung Galaxy S2, highly recommend it.
  5. Epic 4g which is also a galaxy s phone

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