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  1. This is my first attempt a a Hydro grow.

    The new room 3 x3 x 7
    The system Bubbler in 5 gallon bucket using lava rocks
    The neutrients General Hydroponic
    The lighting ( so far) home made 400 watt MH vented hood
    Ventelation home made activated carbon filter 9"x16"x1" and a kitchen hood vent fan on low vented into my room
    Fresh air intake directly from my room
    Humidity comtrol modifyed auto adjustable (speed and level) hemidifyer ( not added into room yet) still moving in to the new apt
    PLANT bag seed strain unknown 35 days into flowering

    That about covers the set up. Simple and effective.

    Since this is my first indoor grow there has been a fast and wide learning curve. what with PH around 6 , ventelation in an apt, carbon filteration R&D It's working well I can't smell a thing. the fan runs 24/7. Temp control is my bigest problem , keeping it below 90deg. Its about 80 right now. I think that will go down when I install the fan to the vented hood. Im still building this new box. Under construction in flower mode what fun.

    whell I'll add a few pics of what I have so far and start from here.

    Tell me what you think. I can take it.

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  2. The grow room and plant.

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  3. lights on

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  4. The last for now the carbon filter that is working so well in white out conditions.
    Now you can see what I mean by Lanky. thats the learning curve. I was having so much fun watching it grow It got to big befor I switched to 12/12. then it streached all out like this.

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  5. Whell the mell was getting out of hand the filter and fan setup wernt working.

    so I took and redid it using my modifyed bth exaust fan,(I added a squir cage to it and removed the blades) It's quieter and more efective.

    The fan I was using was vibrating more than the power transformer outside my bdrm window and the 400w security light on the building over my window.

    This is what it looks like now. Un finisfed But working.

    The smell is gone. The carbon filter is inside the grow room with the vented hood vented into it ,then attached to the exaust fan witch has a activated carbon filter on it .

    Very crude but very effective. I didn't smell a thing till I opened the grow room.

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  6. This the Blower and Activated carbon filter.
    Now all I have to do is mount it some where untill I build a replaceable carbon filter box . A design I found on another site.

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  7. The plant is Dark green and looking very healthy with little buds all over it about 100 of them.

    The temp. is mantaining at about 75 deg w/lght on. 70 deg +/- w/light off.

    I change the nutrient every week since the plant is drinking 3 gallons a week about a 1/2 a gal. a day.

    I only have 8 inches left to raise the light so I hope iit dosn't grow too much more.

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  8. HIGH All, looks like your baby is in full bloom now and shouldn't grow much anymore....not 8 inchs anyway...just filling out now.

  9. Thanks.

    SInce I built this box on the FLY/ move /hurry. I havent been able to add the HPS lights I have to the room yet. 4-75w hps in vented tubes of my design 2 in each.

    I just got the smell kicked in the ass. Now for the lights HPS added with the 400w mh. that should help dont you think? I know its not much but it's all I have at the moment.

    Ill post a pic of it when I get in from work.
  10. This is the tube I built fo a 4x4 room. I have to redoit to fit a 3x3 room. 2-75w HPS in exch.

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  11. Isn't the plant a little too close to the lamp even though it is ventilated? Must be less than an inch there...what temperature does the glass get?

  12. Hey A-Jay.
    The glass stays at about my room temp. The hood is like a big heat defuser. With no air flow the thing is 140deg. Befor I vented it it was over 180 deg.
    I set a T-stat on it and it read 85 deg w/air flow.

    I'v only burnt the top once. When it acually touched the lense.
    Man did the room smell like weed. I was gone for 2 days.

    I haven't figured out how to automate that one yet, but I'm working on it.
  13. A-Jay

    Those # just didn't look correct so I checked when I got home just to make sure.

    The glass is at 130 deg, 2" from the glass is 100deg. Room temp is at 80deg.

    Still it only burns the plant when it touches the glass.
  14. HIGH All, your tubes PVC?
  15. Yes unoit.

    You think I should use galvinized?
    I have thought about it becaus of the heat,
    I'll try it for a day and see, at least all the wiring will be in place.

    Hummm Good point unoit, I think Ill use the galvy and skip the fire hazard. I like my new Apt.

    Like the name "unoit"
  16. This plant is getting real STICKY! GOOD I HOPE.

    Still working on the tube. Im wiring the lights to make sure they still work/and I remember how they hook up. been a while.

    The carbon filter is starting to fail. working on a biger one. I just gor the grills for the new filter 12"x36"x2" that aut to be enough. Now all I neen is a good fan.

    As a side note, I didnt get the restraining order against the nother-in-law.

    The Quote for my day was "SHE HAS NO RIGHTS" straight fron the Judges mouth.
    Best day I ever had in Court!

    I'm having way too much FUN.

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