The law of Karma

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What do you think karma is

  1. A law that is in efect in every action in one's life

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  2. One big crock of shit

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  3. or somthing else

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  1. I would like to know how many people truely belive in karma.

    My thoughts on the subject are as this.
    I revolve my life around karma and not just karma either I fully belive that what I give is what I get. This has proven its self many of times.
    for every action there is a reaction I like to think of this reaction as Karma
  2. i thought it was true but its not...........i get shit on all the time for nothing so i think like this

    shit happens!
  3. It's something different completely. If something's making me feel like it may lead to bad karma then I take it with a grain of salt. I shouldn't react to it as if it's a universal rule but I should use it as a moral compass. Otherwise I just feel like I'm reacting to paranoia.

    Some people call it a conscience, others call it karma. Whether you believe it comes from within or without it makes for a great way to judge yourself.
  4. theres something to it anyway.

    the belief came from somewhere. it is simply the human defined "laws" to explain that which occurs naturally anyway.

    there is a push/pull balance to the cosmos.
  5. very pretinent remark, i'll note it somewhere.

    everything you do has consequences. you may call that karma...
  6. equal but opposite reaction...if I do something good for someone I'll get kicked in the nuts as payment?
  7. Well recently I have seen a change and feel for good from the way I have been thinking and what I am reading the last coupple of days especially.
    I dont really feel the need to smoke up 24/7 to be happy.
    I like it feels great but still smoke all day but not today just got onto a $10 bag tonight didnt really want it but now I smoke it I want more mmmmm yummy.

    eYah so anyway you should read this I cant say it real but it talks about some really deep stuff and I have kind of connected with it. makes me think. [caution if you dont like to think then dont read]
  8. wang.... i think you kinda missed the point. and have enven gone and grabbed the wrong end of the stick. let go of the sharp pointy end.... thats not the end you hold. :D
  9. i am actually religiously buddhist so take this for what you think it's worth. karma is not some divinely controled justice system in which every offender gets his or her just punishments. the idea karma simply exits in the buddhist religion to discourage wrondoings. the theory is that when someone deliberately destroys another life or causes suffering to another being, then that person is not practicing awareness. the offender's attention is drawn away from the all sacred present moment. this is the punishment of those who may be classified as having 'bad karma.' by this definition, the religion of buddhism is portrayed as more of a philosophy with practices than an actual religion with beleifs. id like thoughts and opinions on this if possible...
  10. I know. When I read the other post, that was the way I interpreted it at first and thought it was kinda funny. That would make the idea of karma so wrong.
  11. do you write hand written books?
  12. how very random
  13. woodward

    oh goody! a new soul! welcome to the city.


    my opinion on what? philosophy/religion, or karma ?

    I think every action (may it be done with my physical body, my mind or my soul) has repercutions. I believe that by rightdoing, i'm doing ... what's right (duh). I believe that by doing so, my "karma" is positive, thus gives me strenth to futhermore "rightdo" .
    I feel rewards for such way of living.

    as for philosophy/religion, buddhism is both, and neither.

    It has many aspects in common with religions, many aspects in common with philosophy, so it's really a matter of what aspects you choose to guide you life by that will define if it's one or another.

    (i dunno the english words, but that would be the difference between the "big path" and the "small path" ...)
  14. I believe that you get out of life what you put into, aka you reap what you sow.

    I try to live a happy cheerful, peaceful positive life and expect life to return that to me. When Life bitch-slaps the side of my head, I think of the times I was not positive in my life and strive to correct those in the future to avert future bitch-slappings.
  15. ^ sagely done friend.
  16. karma is one of the only things that i DO believe in.

    karmas always played a huge role in my life.
  17. If you drive while drunk and hit a concrete wall at 70 MPH, it that considered 'Instant Karma?'

    If you commit adultry and catch the clap, is that karma?

    If you piss into the wind and it sprays back on you, is
    it karma that is to blame?

    Karma is a cosmic credit/debit system that plays a role in the next life. If you are a child abuser in this life, then you must life a life as an abused child to balance the karmic scales.

    I do believe in instant karma, but those are usually reserved for people who are too stupid to live anyhow.

    You have to keep going through the life cycle until you go through a life without incurring any karmic debt. Then you can spend eternity in Paradise. That is why buddist holy men spend all their time in meditation. They figure if they just sit still and bother nobody, they cannot gather any bad shit that has to be repaid......

  18. Those Buddhists will just come back as obsessive workaholics.

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