the last straw?

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  1. so I have a friend I only met 3 years ago but at first we were really close. The past year he has started to have these weird episodes ranting at people who don't agree with him on his extreme ideas (like cell phones are killing bees and he doesn't want to be your friend if you use one- he flat out said to someone "I care about bees more than I care about you") some have some validity and some don't but he doesn't seem to understand not everyone will agree or can even follow some of these things even if they want too- like eating all organic food- Very Expensive for anyone on a budget (he 25 doesn't work and his parents by all the food he wants)anyway today he gave me a response so weird and rude I'm not even sure how to interpert it....

    I had posted yesterday evening -how I had thought it would be a good idea to walk across the street to the drug store (I have some health issues-serious ones- but haden't been out all day) but that it turned out to be bad because it was still so hot and humid and I posted the heat index and humidity...his response....

    " shut up you are dumb".....:confused:

    it's not like he's the kind of friend who you'd make jokes like that with all the time (not sure how to explain that)
    it really pissed me off- why did he even feel the need to say that? even if he likes the heat that's all he needed to say.

    Maybe I'm over reacting but I'm really thinking enough is enough and I just don't want to deal with him any more if he's going to act like this even if he does sometimes get me good weed but not on a regular basis -half the time you can't even get a hold of him. that's just a bit of the story.
    ok end of pissy late night ramble
  2. Try to sit him down and see what's been irking him...

    It sounds like he's stressed out and just snapped at you...

    But the bees thing seems a little crazy :confused:
  3. ya it sucks to run out of straws
  4. kid sounds weird imo. maybe bi-polar? idk. get new friends.
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    Hahaha I so wish I could +1 you right now. You made me laugh for thirty minutes straight.

  6. yeah a few of us are starting to suspect bi-polar (including a woman who has it herself) and his dad has it. But he seems to be refusing top get checked out for it.
  7. Sounds like more of a pain in the ass than a friend. I'd just ditch the crazy mutherfuckr.

  8. You do realize that he posted only 26 minutes before you did, right? So this^^ statement isnt true.

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