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  1. As my username might suggest, I do enjoy the show Entourage. As many of you know, Entourage is in the midst of its 8th and final season (before a feature movie). Lets discuss what we're thinking of these last eight episodes.

    First off--Since when is Scott Caan part of the gang now?
    This guy for those who dont know:
    What purpose does he serve? He is like a better version of Dom in season 2, which is about the best thing I can say about him. All he is good for is supplying Vinny with some blow late last season (leading to his epic yet predictable downfall with drugs).

    Also-I know this is a stupid criticism, but am I alone in saying that Skinny Turtle is hard to look at? It's just not the same.

    From this:

    To this:

    I mean props to Jerry Ferrara for cutting weight, but I simply cannot look at Turtle the same way.

    Also- why the hell is the Eric-Sloan thing not discussed. Season 7 ended with them being shaky, and next thing we know in episode 1 is that they hate each other?

    Lastly-- I want to just call this now---The show will end with the gang heading back to their hometown, New York. They'll leave just as they came, giving perfect closure. And now that Sloan is going to New York to pursue whatevershedoes, Eric will want to follow her and put a ring on it. Vinces movie will flop, Avion will be ok on its own, and Johnny Bananas will be over. The gang is going back where they came from to mellow out.

    What do you think of my theories?
  2. so i guess the lack of post indicates unilateral agreement with my predictions??
  3. Theres a movie?
  4. This season's been awful. It's been going downhill since last season but these last 2 episodes have been borderline unwatchable.

    The Drama/Dice Clay upcoming feud is the only thing keeping me interested at this point. You know Ari and his wife and Sloan and E will get back together. It's inevitable.
  5. Sounds like a pretty solid theory. I wonder if they might throw in a couple twists though. I really hope so because after 8 seasons it's all getting pretty formulaic. But still stoked for the movie!

  6. I think you're absolutely right. Them ending up in New York is the foreseeable outcome. Sloan going to New York at least seals in Eric for some tomfoolery there.

    Scott Cann is in there to probably add to the comic relief a bit and since he and Eric aren't on any good terms still, they're probably gonna have some huge company falling out. I dunno. I'm stoned. lol.

    I sort of like fit Turtle. I thought he was gonna start working out when he started dating Jamie Lynn. Either way its cool because if the guy wanted to lose the weight why stop him?
  7. The last episode was really good. It's about time, cause the last couple episodes have been pretty shitty.

    I hope Dice isn't gone yet, he's been like a more extreme version of Drama.

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