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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by crippledkiller, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Well THEY .....AKA the cock sucking feds closed the last dispenser in my town. What the fuck am I going to do I don't no anyone that sells cannabis WE THE PEOPLE my ass
  2. Go to the dispensary in the next town over?

    Sorry but after finding out some things about the "dispensary" i used that was raided, some of these places deserve it.
  3. dispencerys, as nice as they are, they're ripping people off left and right

  4. Dude you hate on everyone. First a marine for losing his life, and then a dispensary for making a tiny bit of profit.

    You really think they get sold the weed at some magic price?
  5. well first off the clinics should be growing there patients meds offsite, so all they do is offset the growing costs. but sadly they buy from "vendors" who can pretty much tell them what prices theyll pay if its good enough, and the clinic adjusts there prices along with it. 5g, 15 8th, 30 quarter, etc..that is the prices of growing at most. clinics do rip people off, fact of life.
  6. Costs much less than $400 to make an iPad. Does that mean they sell it at the same price they bought it? Lol! They sell it so they can make a profit, same as any business.:hello:
  7. Go to Craigslist and go to your city and search under health and beauty.Your welcome.
  8. Grow your own. Avoid all the bs.
  9. I think his point was that it is technically medicine, and charging such ridiculous prices for a medicine that's only development cost is the growing is immoral.

    Some argue that pharmaceutical companies do that too, but most of their medicines require a lot of costly research and testing.
    Plus I don't buy that shit anyway :smoke:
  10. yeah medicine should be the same as street price, i see you're logic bro :rolleyes:
  11. I know you may think it costs them $10 for a bottle of tylenol, but it doesn't. They conduct all testing in foreign countries to reduce cost to nearly nothing, and get their 'medicine' farmed by a bunch of workers without a minimum wage.

    Things are sold at a higher price than it costs to produce them, because of the labor put in and the willingness of the people to pay so much to the pharmaceutical companies.

    Also remember: The dispensaries are sold the weed at whichever price the grower decides to sell it for.
  12. i cant drive im sick and i dont fill good I NEED MY MED'S:mad:

  13. They shouldnt be getting sold weed, they should be growing it

    also, selling it at street prices.... just makes no sense... its expensive because its illegal, dispensaries remove the huge issue of state legality.... there are no middle men..... it shouldnt be as expensive, no logic behind it being the same price
  14. I agree marijuana is overpriced at dispensaries. It's overpriced on the street. $20/g is bullshit in my opinion no matter where you're buying it.

    BUT it makes sense just because if it were lower than street prices, there would be a massive amount of people buying from them and then flipping it on the street. That would make the whole medical marijuana thing look pretty bad.
  15. My city is doing a ton of raiding too, I figure the best option for someone with their recommendation is to just grow their own medicine.
  16. That's the problem, dispensaries aren't supposed to profit like that. Dispensaries could sell bud way cheaper than they do, but instead they rip people the fuck off. You seem to not care about this? They're taking advantage of a loophole in the system, and patients (or people with cards) are being required to pay more because of it. Weed is cheaper on the street (in my location) than it is in the clubs, and like Sirsog said, that should not be the case.
  17. I don't see how you can say they can't make profit like that? They are a business. A business has no morals and feelings, it's sole purpose is for that of profit.

    I know it shouldn't cost so much, but the demands is high and the legal supply is low. When circumstances like this occur, most businesses try and get the most money they can. Not saying it is "right", just that it's how the world works.
  18. And that's the problem
  19. Nah dude I mean like legally, it is wrong. They are supposed to be a "non-profit" organization, putting all their profits back into the community some way or another. That is where they abuse the system. Nobody can watch over them to make sure they aren't pocketing money.
  20. yeah the reason they are getting raided is because they are turning that profit and they are supposed to be non-profit, if anyone hears of a truly non-profit dispensary being raided I would like too know about it.

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