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Discussion in 'General' started by KraziHare, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. For the last month I haven't found a single book that's interested me. I tried to finally read 'Naked Lunch' as has been often suggested by my friends but I just couldn't get too far into this spasmodic incomprehensible-slang ridden book before my brain melted.

    I really, really need anyone willing to suggest at least three of their favorite books to please do so. I'll look up each of them and if there're enough responses I'll make a poll with my favorite choices, then you guys can decide what I read.

    I prefer no genre really but I do like things with crazy jumps in logic that can only be explained through deep thought or some forms of insanity (which is why I thought I'd like naked lunch).

    please help! I'll die if I don't get a decent read soon
  2. well i need more of an idea what u like or don't like. true crime,true stories, romance, historical romance, mystery, horror or a medical thriller.

    stephen kings dream catcher was hmmm, different. i found it hard to follow tho.

    i don't like reading all mushy mushy lovin romance ones too much, only when i need a good cry or somethin. but i have some good ones.

    i know what it's like to want to read but have nothing to read. i have shelves of books that i've read and can never find anything good to read. so i hope i can help u!
  3. well i really really like Hunters Thompsons 'Generation of Swine, Tales of Shame and Degradation in the '80's' its not the type of book your looking for, from what you said, but its a really good book none the less. K-Pax is really good too, if you havn't seen the movie yet :p. that would prolly be more of a deep thoughts type of book.

    I really liked Dreamcatcher too, but it was kinda hard to follow.
  4. i'm by far no book worm by any means...
    but the best book i've ever read was Hunter S Thompson's Rum Diaries.

    a book i'm gonna be buying the moment the local bookshop have it in stock again is proffesor Steven Hawking's book.... that cool one about space and stuff... ya know... sorry, i forgot teh name. lol
  5. I've read 'a brief history of time'. Great stuff. The guy has a wonderful sense of humor as well as the ability to get his point across well.
  6. oic what u want. well the celestine prophecy is a good one maybe not what u lookin for but a suggestion.
  7. Read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Oh man it's sick. Even sicker is Pet Sematery by Stephen King. So gross.
  8. the gunslinger by stephen king..the first in the dark tower series
  9. yes! the end of that book had me thinking for weeks! that almost never happens! :)
  10. 1 word:

  11. *bump*

    any more suggestions before I make a poll out of this?
  12. The Life and Death of Planet Earth.

    VERY GOOD read.

    Its very cool in its design. its a documentary about how the world will inevidably end, but written more like a story. its kinda wierd, but i loved it.

    its pretty scientific though, but very interesting. i learner alot, but also gave me a sense of the somewhat pointless existence we live. so much time spent trying to fix the world, even though its end is inevitable and we are powerless to stop it.
  13. Stephen King and Peter Straub:
    The Talisman
    Black House

    In that order :D

    Animal Farm is good, but you've probably already read it.

    The Silmarillion (the absolute first book in the LOTR series...this book is about the creation of Middle's good, but there's a lot of names to remember. But it's still a good creation story.
  14. I dunno, I tried to do a book report on the simerilion in fifth grade and coudln't bring myself to enjoy it. Which is strange because usually I don't have a problem with compulsively memorizing all possible facts about any particular mythos. Tokien is by far the best author ever but the Simerilion was really more of a compilation of his collected notes than a real book.
  15. can i make a suggestion already made?

    celestine prophecy.

    just that it so completely blows my previous suggestion outta the water (sorry hunter S) that i felt strangely compeled despite uncertainty to say: DAISY DUKED YOU FUCKING ROCK!

    haha, fuck knows like.
  16. a little late but The way of the Samurai and the Art of War are bother pretty good, and anything by Walter Dean Meyers
  17. The best books I've read in a while are Dan Brown books; Angels & Demons, DaVinci Code and Deception Point. Read A&D first then DaVinci Code. They go in order. D.Point has no affiliation with the other two.

    I read DaVinci Code first. It didn't ruin anything, but I wish I would have read them in their true order. I couldn't read A&D at night. It freaked me the fuck out. I like scary religious shit though. A&D takes off really slow, but picks up with some very unanticiptaed twists.

    DaVinci Code is by far one of my favorite books. I don't think it gets going until the 3rd chapter, but what a wonderful read it was. Just reading the sources of research for the book was amazing. They came out with the illustrated version. We bought both.

    KH, I have no idea what your sex is, but I read a ton of chick lit books. This is a great site for info on pretty much any chick lit out there. The Shopoholic series is great. I am also a huge fan of Jane Austin. I have read every novel by her. Pride & Prejudice is my very favorite.

    May I also suggest ? I love them. My husband and I are such tv, magazine and book whores. We have free to air and still use netflix. They have such a great selection and are so reliable. Their listing of documentaries is amazing! Some good suggestions on netflix are Penn & Teller's Bullshit, Seasons 1 and 2. We just watched a facinitating documentary about the Illumanati called Angels & Demons revealed (doesn't really have much to do with Dan Brown). And if you are a female, of course there is always Sex & the City!!! I own all seasons because I just can't get enough of my Samantha!

    If you are a guy, I'll suggest a subscription to Loaded Mag. That is my hubby's all time favorite mag. Occationally we'll pick up a copy of Skeptic, very liberal magazine, but good information at times.
  18. As far as stories go Stephen King takes the prize (imho). I think his absolute greatest story has to be 'Bag of Bones' followed closely by something out of 'Night Shift'. Almost all of his early stuff is good..
  19. oh man oh man! this is my subject!


    a dessert reading. really, i relished every word. thats my current obsession

    lets see, what else. alice in wonderland, the virgin suicides, middlesex, on the road, the belljar, oh so much more

    if you really wanna go in depth, send me a pm

  20. *chokes on his cookie with shock of the aforementioned*
    *dies slow, terrible death of disgrace*

    you. are. losing. brain. cells.

    now thats more like it

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