The Kids Are All Right, Even if Their Parents Grow Pot

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  1. The Kids Are All Right, Even if Their Parents Grow Pot - ParentDish

    Just because the folks next door are drug dealers doesn't mean they're bad parents.

    In fact, researchers at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children say the children of couples who operate marijuana grow rooms are often extremely healthy, physically and emotionally. And they rarely use illegal drugs.

    The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports researchers question whether parents caught growing marijuana should automatically lose custody of their children.

    "After examining 75 of the kids over several years, we came to very clear conclusions that a vast majority of these kids are doing well -- well fed, well kept, doing well in school and developing well," lead researcher Gideon Koren of the University of Toronto tells the CBC. "Taking a small child from his or her parents in a well-adapted environment causes fear, anxiety, confusion and sadness."

    Traditional procedure in Toronto, the network reports, has been to remove children from homes where illegal marijuana operations have been discovered and place the kids in foster care.

    Patrick Lake, executive director of York Region Children's Aid Society, tells the CBC child welfare workers have learned more about the effects marijuana growing operations have on children since 2006, and have changed how they maintain the children's safety.

    "We have developed a more customized and comprehensive process to determine best response, on a case-by-case basis, while looking for ways to safely maintain children with their parents or relatives," Lake says.

    Koren tells the CBC he hopes Canadian authorities will see the children of pot growers a little differently after his study.

    "When police and children's aid go into that situation, they have to look much more carefully on what happened to that child, and not blanket-wise moving kids out of their homes," he says.

    A step in the right direction! :hello:

    Granny :wave:
  2. Very interesting, and I think that's a great political step actually. I feel that should be the case, for all cases regarding Social Services.

    I just watched a show about Indianapolis PD, and they busted some lady selling PCP and shermans. She had two little girls living in her crap-hole apartment with drugs laying around. It was pretty bad :/ I know things like this do happen, and that's not just a televised propaganda ad.
  3. remember reading this in the newspaper, good article
  4. Schmidty: They are treated on a case by case basis. In that case the kids should probably be taken out of there since that shit is actually dangerous.

  5. Now lets change up that sentence....

    Just because the folks next door are mass murderers doesn't mean they're bad parents.

    Or how about this.......

    Just because the folks next door are rapists doesn't mean they're bad parents.

    Or how about this.....

    Just because the folks next door are Nazi racists doesn't mean they're bad parents.
  6. theres a difference between someone who sells marijuana and a person who fucking kills people
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    Right cause that's all the same compared to growing marijuana.. Fail.. Has to be a troll >>
  8. Naaah man, we're all murderers.

  9. Dude. I seriously hope you're just kidding around. Can you seriously not see the major difference between growing marijuana VS killing/raping/being extreme racist?
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    He probably took alot if fake-macuticals in his day
  11. This is badass! i hope theres more studys and this spreads!!!

    smoke weed everyday
  12. The term "drug dealer" is pretty vague. It could range from MJ to Crystal Meth.
    Do meth dealers and heroin dealers make good parents?
    "Johnny, be a good boy and get daddy that bottle of Ether so I can finish up this batch."
  13. What can i say, we know how to grow our babies...

  14. i always think its strange how alcohol has been seperated from drugs and now all illegal drugs are combined into one word... "drugs"

    its just more propaganda imo.

  15. Right, because our society loves alcohol and people who drink but dont smoke weed think of themselves as better than us even though we are doing the less harmful thing, they have even invented a different word, drunk as opposed to high. While the effects of weed and alcohol are different, so are the effects of weed vs. cocaine, or weed vs meth, yet high is used for all of them, yet the effects of alcohol are called drunk. Alcohol is the only drug where the word drunk is used, all illegal drugs are high.

    Also, I think the government's response (especially USA and probably Canada under Harper) will be Thats very interesting, but because it doesnt fit our view we choose to ignore it.

  16. I don't know about you, but I certainly don't refer to my pot guy as a drug dealer. He's technically my pharmacist, in a manner of speaking. :D Prescribes all the right medicine.
  17. To be honest. Canada is going to figure out that marijuana is a lot safer & healthier, before the United States does. I can honestly say, the Canadian government is a lot smarter than the United States government, when it comes to marijuana.
  18. This is great news people are finally realizing that pot growers/smokers are just normal people hell most of the time there better than normal most of them grow pot to help others.

  19. Always thought of kids like that, is that bad?

    Seedling veg bloom, nutes, etc etc
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    You cant fucking compare ingesting a natural herb for therapeutic and medicinal purposes to murderer's or rapists. :rolleyes: WOW some people.

    Normal people smoke pot normal people drink alcohol normal people smoke tobacco RAPISTS /MURDERERS AREN'T FUCKING NORMAL.

    I could sit here and prove you wrong but i think your so fucking wrong and misinformed i don't even have to let alone bother :rolleyes:

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