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  1. I agree but look at the last guest listed. He had his brother on too. It's just something I've noticed. Never said he was a racist and added a disclaimer that I was far from a racist. That doesn't mean I don't have eyes.
  2. Dig Paul Stamets -

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  3. Yea I was hoping he would eventually have him on, apparently tons of other people were too. Another interesting guy with regards to the same subject matter is Tero (google his name) Isokauppila, I heard him on Rich Rolls podcast IIRC and Aubrey Marcus'.

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  4. That is one of the better shows from this year. I ended up ordering Stamets Lions Mane mushroom supplements. I also ordered Dental pro-biotics based on his recommendations. The dental pro-biotics are probably the most effective and best supplement I've ever taken. It's a life changer. I highly recommend them. I've been using hyperbiotics, pro-dental.
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  5. You can make your own medicinal mushroom extract -

    Make a Ganoderma Extract

    The trick is finding a supply of the exact mushrooms you want. I've just gone with what I was able to find, usually 4 or five different varieties all in one extract.
  6. Jordan Peterson deserves his own appreciation thread. Easily one of the best podcasts Rogan ever had.

    More power to Doctor Peterson.
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  7. Definitely. Have you listened to his conversation with Camille Paglia?

    A true feminist, I didnt know they existed!

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  8. Yeah, saw this a while back. Great stuff.

    I was always fairly certain that the Susan B. Anthonies of history are spinning in their grave over what this 3rd wave of "feminism" has become.
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    This randomly popped up for me. Not really sure why, because I only visit Rogan pages because I actually enjoy his content. Guess it just suggests all things Rogan, good or bad.


    Must be the biggest collection of SoyBoys and gals in the world. :smoke:
  10. Wow, an entire twitter account dedicated to hating. . .

  11. It was getting a little hard to listen to Joe's willing ignorance of current politics on the Pepitone episode.

    Is he really so stupid that he doesn't know that Trump's comments calling Mexican's rapists were taken completely out of context? He repeats the lie all the time. Trump said some of the criminals that come over our border are rapists. He didn't call the Mexican people rapists. How can you be that dumb?

    He's going against the intelligence agencies? No, they are attacking him when they actually work for him. He won't congratulate the FBI on their latest busting of a entrapped terror suspect. Maybe that's because they've been attacking him as well and never arrested Hillary Clinton?

    I find it amazing that he has such an open mind about some subjects but just repeats the lies on others. Still an entertaining show but I feel like calling him out sometimes. He's definitely a gate keeper.

    If he ever had the balls to have Adam Curry on he would set him straight on a lot of stuff.
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  12. Always remember, Joe lives in liberal-as-fk California. He's definitely not a clear Lefty himself, but he is hardcore surrounded by them for the most part. He is originally from Boston as well, and they are hyperleftist these days.
    As much as I like him, it no longer surprises me when he has blindspots in that regard when it comes to political view.

    Take comfort in the fact that at least he does appear to understand what Dr. Peterson is teaching.
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  13. Listened to an old one recently, with Immortal Technique and XL Chino. Gotta say I was getting really frustrated with Joe throughout the entire thing. Was interested in hearing Tech talk since he’s such an interesting dude, but every time they started getting into a serious topic Joe would make a shitty joke and change the subject - really annoying.
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  14. He's entirely too dumb about conspiracies. It frustrates me as well but it's one reason he has such a large audience, he pushes mostly the mainstream view politically so it doesn't offend too many people. He always wants to act like a read Kennedy expert but he thinks Oswald may have done it? Please.
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  15. I really want him to quite talking every two or three episodes about how dumb it is that we still have a representative government. He's convinced we should all just vote on everything from our phones or online. Too much trust in the system much? Sure, I'll just click on a box and it will get counted correctly on the other end no matter who stands to gain from it?

    We should go back to paper that has our id linked to it so people who need to can check the count. It's the only way to really be secure.
  16. That is one complaint I have about Joe, his rolling over sometimes, especially on the JFK issue. How anyone can look into that, with even a sliver of objectivity, and not completely rule out the entire bullshit narrative is beyond me.

  17. Did anyone listen to today's show on net neutrality? It really made me want to stab myself in the eye with a pencil. Aggravatingly ignorant is the best way I can describe it.

    This debate is so filled with double speak it's actually stated that people who are against net neutrality are against an open internet. Why can't Joe figure out that regulation isn't being open?

    They repeatedly state how all the largest companies like google, facebook, ect. are all for it. Does that not throw up a red flag for anyone? Net neutrality is presented as a way to keep competition fair as new companies come in when all it really is, is a way for the big boys to exert more power. As soon as the FCC has power over the internet it will be co-opted and lobbied to serve the big corporations at the expense of the little guy.

    Disgusting show. Joe and his two guests sounded like morons.
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  18. I havent listened to it and probably wont now lol.

  19. It's a good one to skip.

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