The Jacky Horror Harvest Show

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by BCgrower, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. Well, its finally a done deal. Not quite 8 weeks of flowering and the Jack Horror finally came down today. The biggest plant (5'7" of tree) produced 3lbs 14 oz. and change wet. The buds are so dense it incredible. We left all of the smaller buds on and will let them fill out a bit over the next week. This strain was a pain from the begining, but well worth it. Still to come is the White Russian which was the core of this grow. Next time its all Jack!!!

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  2. mmmmm.....

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  3. a very musky, fruity, spicy, full nasal spectrum strain

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  4. Just for comparison

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  5. one and a half down...

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  6. wow, nice harvest man. would love to smoke that any time of day...or night. :)

    nice grow..

  7. nice buds man
  8. Very nice buds.

  9. holy shit man very nice im fukn high and those buds look real fuckin nice
  10. Nice buds man. Have fun with 'em.
  11. A pic I forgot.

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  12. phenominal dude that is just great, those look wonderful
  13. Looks great BCgrower!

  14. nice man, musta taken awhile.
  16. hey Woody, thanks. That all came from 1.5 plants. The rest is now down and hung as well. I will try and get new pics later this week.

  17. dear lord....thanks....peaces.....MrSbb
  18. Just picked out some small dry buds from the Jack Horror and rolled them up with a friend. WOW! I have to blow my own horn for this grow. This is some of the wildest shit I have ever had. Very high high!!! As Woody said, very cerebral. I am not sure at this point whether or not I cannot feel my legs or whether they are tingling or both. Would love to be sitting around a big fire with bongos, listening to Mr. Marley, and sharing with all the city members, passing around a one pound bag of my finest herbage. AHHHHH!!!! Here is to all of the City dwellers! This Buds for you!!!
  19. i wonder how much plane tickets are to get there from here, hehehe.
  20. fucking beautiful.

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