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    so i watched this movie last night called the island. anyways has anyone seen it? if so what did you guys think about while watching it.

    for the people who havent seen its about this guy and girl, two friends who live in a compacted city in a underground base. kind of like what you mimghtve heard is hidden under the DIA denver international airport. anyways the people of this city are all clones. insurance policies for the people out in the real world. say if someone in the real world gets cancer or needs a tranplant of some sort, the insurance policy is told they have won this lottery that takes them to this so called island but really its theyre doom. also in the movie the guy and girl set out to find their real world clonees. well they have these bracelets that say theyre clones. so theres this big manhunt looking for them and shit. well i dont wanna give it away but while i was watching it i kept thinkin.. this could be soon well if we dont prevent it. everyone is quarantined, bracelets similar to rfid tags, it sounds like to me that this movie could be a premonition of sorts to warn us about what could happen if we all get tagged for this swine flu shit, cuz supposedly there is talks that once ppl get the vaccine they get a shiny new bracelet that has all their info on it. the people that dont get sent to a concentration camp of sorts. almost like the supposed island they get sent to for winning the lottery. it is one hell of a trippy movie. if anyone sees it or remembers it lets talk about it its mind boggling:smoke:

    heres the first part for whoever is interested.

    [ame=""]YouTube - The Island part 1[/ame]
  2. i take it nobody is interested enough..that sure is gay
  3. i take it nobody is interested enough..that sure is gay
  4. haha I'll be the first one to comment Blackenese guy. I was about to watch it, but got caught up watching college football. I'll comment back when I have the chance to get around to it.
  5. Yeah I saw it when it came out several years ago. Kinda fucked with my head.:confused:
  6. aw man really i always think people just think theyre just movies, well they are but theyre just like tv shows with messages hidden although the sci fi movies are preventable in the future.
  7. Jim gaffigan talks about a similar scenario in his act. When you see a movie that came out years ago and everyone saw it and theyre like dude, that was like 5 years ago, and your like well i wanna talk about it now! haha

    Scarlett Johansson is worth the movie alone but it was good... plus the caddy is sick.

  8. haha yea man its old but i feel like it applies to our near future. like 2015 which it was set in... anyways yea the caddilac cien is sick, although mine on gran turismo would rape it. its got 856 HP lol
  9. yeh i watched it the other day isn't it messed up when they shoot the back of the guys legs when he is running away with reppel guns lol gets me everytime
  10. I love this movie:D

    Good thread
  11. Scarlett Johannson gave me a mad boner in that movie.
  12. scarlet johanson:love:

    entertaining movie, worth a watch when you're baked.

  13. yea holy fuck look at the size of that huge guy and then the size of the hooks. trippy shit. ill just be jumping like a fairy running away from them lol

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